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24 Volt 4.0 Amp PF2404SL On-Board Battery Charger for Jazzy Power Chairs

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The AlveyTech 24 volt 4.0 amp PF2404SL on-board battery charger is a top-quality charger that is used on a number Jazzy power chairs models including the Jazzy 1103, Jazzy 1103 Ultra, Jazzy 1113, Jazzy 1113 ATS, Jazzy 1133, Jazzy 1143, and Jazzy 1143 Ultra. The charger comes with both connectors for easy installation.

Our PF2404SL battery charger can be used with VRLA/SLA/AGM/Gel batteries.

LED Indicators:

  • Green (connected to batteries) - Batteries fully charged

  • Red (connected to batteries) - Batteries charging

  • No light - Battery disconnected or battery voltage less than 5 volts

NOTE: If the "Charge" LED remains red for more than 24 hours, unplug the charger from AC power and check the batteries. There may be a problem with the batteries. Warranty Information: Monster Scooter Parts is proud to announce a full 1-year warranty on this battery charger, covering defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year (12 months) from the date of receipt.




AC Input

100-240V-2.5A 50-60Hz

DC Output


Previous Model Numbers:

  • 2904JT-24

  • 2904-24

  • 2404-24


  • EV Rider CityRider

  • Jazzy 1103

  • Jazzy 1103 Ultra

  • Jazzy 1113

  • Jazzy 1113 ATS

  • Jazzy 1133

  • Jazzy 1143

  • Jazzy 1143 Ultra

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