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6" x 2" Black Caster Wheel for the Golden Compass M Series, Alante Series, & LiteRider Series Power Chairs

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Introducing the new black caster wheel for the Golden Compass M series power chairs. It is also used on the Alante DX, the Alante Sport, the LiteRider PTC (GP160) and LightRider Envy (GP162) models. Golden Technologies updated their Compass and Alante series chairs with sportier black drive wheel tires, and this is the matching caster wheel to use in lieu of the older gray style.

This caster wheel measures 6"x2", uses 608RS bearings, and has a stylish black rim. The same caster can be used on either the front and rear of your power chair.

Please Note: This black caster is for the new versions (2011 and subsequent) of the Compass series power chairs. These newer Compass series models will have the letter M at the end of their model number, i.e., GP600M, GP605M, GP615M, and GP620M. The compatible with Compass series chairs will have a serial number after CS11G0001. Please refer to our Compatibility tab for a full list of the models that can use this caster.

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