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Battery Box Assembly for the Merits Junior

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Quick Overview

  • Select with or without optional batteries
  • 18 Ah or 22 Ah battery upgrade
  • High-quality UPG batteries
  • Fresh batteries added right before shipping
  • Here is the high capacity battery box assembly for the Merits Junior (P320)
  • 1 Year Warranty


Here is the high capacity battery box assembly for the Merits Junior (P320). You can use this battery pack as a replacement, or you can use it as an already pre-charged backup power source for long rides. This powerful bundle of electric energy is compatible with all versions of the Merits Junior P320 series

Merits mobility scooters and power chairs are unmatched in their portability and ease of use, but the downside of any electric mobility vehicle is its relatively short range. Our high capacity 18 Ah and 22 Ah batteries will certainly help you stay mobile by allowing you to ride your power chair longer between charges. Whether you select the standard 18 Ah option or the 22 Ah upgrade, both of these two 24 volt battery packs will power your Merits Junior like it was factory new.

Unlike many of our competitors, our battery boxes do not sit on the shelf for months with stale, cheap batteries. As part of our shipping process, we assemble our battery boxes with fresh new high-quality Universal Power Group (UPG) batteries. We are rightfully proud of our battery boxes and battery packs, and you will not find better mobility batteries at any price.

These batteries are sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries using the standard Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) design. Airline-safe, spill-proof, and maintenance free; AGM batteries are the best choice for mobility scooters and power chairs.


  • Merits Junior (P320/P3201/P32011/P32012)

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