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Carex: Bed Wedge Pillow For Sleeping - FGP11200 0000

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Product Description

The Carex Wedge Pillow was designed for one purpose – to help you get a better night's sleep. Don’t let the agony and distress of aching joints and muscles slow you down. Simply support your spine, back, neck, and legs with our innovative bed wedge pillow and instantly feel better.

The wedge pillow helps you maintain a proper posture while in a sitting position to reduce the pressure in your shoulders, neck, and lower back. And, when you’re lying down, it raises your knees to release the stress on your hips, relieving sciatic nerve pain. Prop your ankles on it to elevate your feet above your heart level and keep that blood pumping right back to your heart!

Developed for long-lasting use, the plush navy blue wedge pillow cover is made of polyester and rayon and is luxuriously soft! Simply unzip, remove and toss in the washing machine.

The interior high-grade memory foam wedge pillow reacts perfectly to brace your body. It offers firm support so it’s snug, but also relaxing. You’ll find it to be cozy and comfy yet stable to give you the right amount of pressure. And the sleeping pillow is perfectly sized for a leg wedge pillow.

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