ETAC Gazelle PS

ETAC Gazelle PS

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Gazelle PS stands for Prone and Supine. It means the Gazelle PS can be used by children in a posterior or anterior position.

 With many adjustment possibilities and a wide range of accessories, the Gazelle is suitable for many different disabilities.

 The standing position is very important for both physical and psychological well-being. When the user is placed in the prone position, the maximum stretch of both hip and knee is obtained.

 Gazelle PS is available in three sizes and is suitable for users weighing up to 176 lbs and 74" in height. Not all users are alike - that is why it is important to use the measuring chart to find the correct size for the user.


Tilt vertical-horizontal

The Gazelle PS tilts from vertical to 15° past horizontal. This is an excellent position for respiratory therapy and postural drainage


From the upright position, the Gazelle PS is easily folded. By loosening only one screw, abducting the legs and by lifting it slightly, the Gazelle PS is folded for storage or transportation

Manual leg abduction

Moves in an anatomically correct motion to help seat the head of the femur into the acetabulum. You can adjust either one or both legs to the optimal angle

Multi-adjustable foot supports

Ball joints in footplates allow for positioning and support for almost any ankle/foot placement

Size 1 Inch Size 2 Inch Size 3 Inch
Overall width (G) 19” 23” 26”
Length (H) 30” 35” 39”
User height, foot-axilla (I) 18-37” 24-41” 28-49”
Overall height, horizontal (I1) 30” 31½” 35”
Folded height 11” 12” 51”
Folded length 37” 44½” 51”
Angle, board (a) 90– -15° 90– -15° 90– -15°
Total mass 44 lb 48 lb 53 lb
Max load 88 lb 132 lb 176 lb

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