ETAC Heron

ETAC Heron

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The Heron is one of the most extraordinary toilets and bathing seats on the market. The simple design and clean appearance conceal multiple functionality features that improve both the user and caregiver experience.

 The Heron sets new standards for users with special needs for positioning. The seat is dynamic, meaning it can be tilted and the back reclined without compromise for the user. The clever design means that during recline, the anatomical pivot point at the axis of the hips is maintained. This provides the user with more comfort when seated.

 The Heron can be used freestanding with a pan, directly over the toilet or as a bathing chair in the shower. The smooth height, tilt and recline functions ensure optimum working conditions for the caregiver. To maintain safety, the Heron is equipped with four lockable casters.

 The Heron is delivered with a narrow backrest for freedom of movement. For added support and comfort, swing-away side supports or upholstered sides which support the shoulders can be added. The Heron comes in one size.


The easy adaptation of working conditions

The hydraulic height adjustment allows the Heron to adjust from 20” to 30¾” in height. Height adjustability eases transfer from/to the chair and provides optimum working conditions for the caregiver

Comfortable seating

Pressure mapping has been used in the design of Heron to minimize pressure and improve comfort for users even when the seat is used for extended periods of time.

Optimum positioning

The Heron has easily accessible handles for the tilt-in-space and back recline functions that allow for optimum and stable positioning possibilities. The seat angles from -5° to 25° and the back from 0° to 30°

Fully supported while seated

Heron can be adapted to provide targeted postural support for the user whether minimal intervention or full support is required. Head support, multi-adjustable hip supports, swing-away side supports, armrests and tray are included in the comprehensive range of accessories.

One size Inch
Effective seat width (A) 21½”
Seat width between with hip supports (accessories) 13½” - 19”
Effective seat depth (B) 17½”
Backrest height (C) 21½” - 24¼”
Seat surface height at front edge (E) 20” - 30½”
Seat plane angle -5° -> 25°
Backrest angle 90° -> 120°
Total mass 61.5 lb
Footrest to seat distance (D) 15½ - 22"
Max load 220 lb
Back width (F) 111/4”
Width, frame (G) 26”
Length, frame (H) 27¾”
Height, frame w/seat (I) 42” - 52½”

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