ETAC Rabbit Up

ETAC Rabbit Up

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The Rabbit Up is a truly adaptable stander. It is secure, reliable and adjustable for all your standing needs while also offering the independence to explore using the optional driving, quick release wheels. The Rabbit Up enables the child to be an active participant at eye level, whilst stimulating senses and providing the child with more independence.

 Rabbit Up can be used at home, in institutions or at school. Participation is important for development and by using the Rabbit Up the child can be at eye level with peers, encouraging further participation. Adopting the standing position allows the child to gain new perspectives on their surroundings and apply alternative loads on their bones, joints and muscles, providing the possibilities to develop new skills.

 Rabbit Up is not just a standing frame. When used with the quick release driving wheels the Rabbit Up enables the user to join in even further. It also provides a means of exercise for the user and promotes the development of motor skills and muscle function in the upper extremities.

 The Rabbit Up comes in four sizes and is suitable for children between the age of 1 to 18 years. Not all children are alike - that is why it is important to use the measuring guide to find the correct size for your child.


Stander and Mobile stander

While meeting all your standing needs, the Rabbit Up offers the independence to explore using the optional driving wheels.

Angle adjustable centre bar

The Rabbit Up has a simple, easy to use and controlled angle adjustment, making it possible to obtain the best standing position.

Quick-release wheels

The two driving wheels are equipped with quick release for easy mounting. The wheels are available in a variety of sizes.

Camber angling

Rabbit Up gives the possibility to change the camber angle of the driving wheels to enable an optimum fit for the child.

Size 1 Inch Size 2 Inch Size 3 Inch Size 4 Inch
Overall width with driving wheels 25" 26¾" 28¾" 28¼"
Overall width (G)* 20¼" 21¾" 23½" 23½"
Inside width (G1) 12¾" 16¾" 16¾" 16¾"
Length with driving wheels 24½" 29½" 31½" 35½"
Length (H)* 27" 31¼" 31¼" 36½"
Overall height (I) 26½–39¼" 26½–39¼" 39–51½" 47¼–60¼"
User height, floor to axil 21¾–29¼" 29½–42½" 33¾–46¾" 37¾–56"
Length, centre bar 19¾" 27½" 31½" 39¼"
Angle, centre bar (a1) 0–30° 0–30° 0–30° 0–30°
Footplate angle (a2) 15–-10° 15–-10° 15–-10° 15–-10°
Floor to footplate 2¼" 2¼" 2¼" 2¼"
Minimum turning diameter 33½" 37½" 38½" 42¾"
Total mass with driving wheels 29.75lb 34.1lb 35.25lb 40.75lb
Total mass* 19.8lb 23.1lb 24.2lb 29.3lb
Max load 88.1lb 110.2lb 132.2lb 154.3lb
Static stability downhill 10° 10° 10° 10°
Static stability uphill 10° 10° 10° 10°
Static stability sideways 10° 10° 10° 10°

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