ETAC Toucan

ETAC Toucan

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The Toucan standing frame comes with soft curves and smart colours. It is designed to support the user in the upright and prone position.

 The distance between the side bars of the frame allows almost any wheelchair or a static seating system to fit in between. A good feature for transfer from wheelchairs etc. into the Toucan.

 The Toucan is available in 5 sizes and suitable for users from the age of approx. 1-18 years. We recommend using the measuring chart to find the correct size.


  • Angle adjustable center bar - The Toucan has easy and steady angle adjustment making it possible to obtain the optimum standing position.
  • Handle with lock - The handle for angling the center bar is equipped with a security lock. Pull out the lock while turning the handle to change the angle.
  • Castors with locks - All four castors are equipped with locks securing the Toucan for stability. The wheels are very easy to maneuver making it easy to move the Toucan around.
  • Prepared for accessories - All sizes of Toucan can be equipped with all sizes of accessories. The Toucan is designed with slots in the center bar for easy and simple mounting.
Size 1 Inch Size 2 Inch Size 3 Inch Size 4 Inch Size 5 Inch
Overall width (G) 22” 24¾” 24¾” 27½” 27½”
Length (H) 29½” 34¼” 34¾” 43¾” 43¾”
Overall height (I) 26½-34¼” 28¼-39¾” 38¼-48½” 41-52¾” 48¾-60¾”
User height, floor to axil 13½-27½” 21-35” 29¼-43¼” 35¾-47¾” 43¾-55½”
Length, center bar 17¾” 19¾” 27½” 31½” 39¼”
Floor to footplate 2¼" 2¼" 2¼" 2¼"
Angle, center bar (a1) 0–30° 0–30° 0–30° 0–20° 0–20°
Footplate angle (a2) 15– -10° 15– -10° 15– -10° 15– -10° 15– -10°
Total mass 16,5 lb 18.7 lb 19.8 lb 23.1 lb 23.6 lb
Max load 66.1 lb 88.1 lb 110.2 lb 132.2 lb 154.3 lb
Static stability downhill
Static stability uphill
Static stability sideways

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