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EZ Lite Cruiser: Adjustable Leg Rests

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Product Description

Made especially for our taller customers, or those who find it hard to bend their knees, this add on Adjustable Leg Rest accessory allows you to extend your feet.
Adjustable length up to 20" extra space to individual leg rests which fold away, so you can fully extend your legs with no limits.  Cushioned pads underneath your calf muscles give you the most comfortable support possible.
When getting on to the EZ Lite Cruiser, you can fold the entire leg rests back for easy access to sit on the chair.  When you're ready to put your feet up, simply pull them towards the front of the chair.
Comes with easy to use clamps and rods which mount to the chair frame, and can be attached very quickly.  The Adjustable Leg Rests are removable, and are installed onto the rods, as shown in the photos.  Due to the compact folding nature of the EZ Lite Cruiser, the Adjustable Leg Rests must be removed prior to folding.

Works with all of the EZ Lite Cruiser Models.


  • Adjustable Length: 17" - 19"
  • Calf Rest Pads Width: 6"
  • Flip Up Leg Rests Width: 6.25"


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