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EZ Lite Cruiser: Dual Port USB Charger

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This is an Authentic EZ Lite Cruiser Dual Port USB Charger.  Now, you can charge your personal electronic devices right from your EZ Lite Cruiser.  It draws power from your EZ Lite Cruiser Battery (10 Ah or 15 Ah) and directs the charge to your personal electronics, such as a Smart Phone, Tablet, or other personal electronic devices that recharge via a USB plug.  There are 2 plugs, so you can charge up to 2 devices at the same time!  
You can connect this Dual Port USB Charger directly to the Battery, or to the Joystick port.
Please note:  This will impact your EZ Lite Cruiser's total drive time, as some of the charges will be going to recharge your personal electronic devices.  So please make sure not to draw too much charge from your EZ Lite Cruiser, so you have enough to get to where you are going without losing power.

Works with all of the EZ Lite Cruiser Models.

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