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EZ Lite Cruiser: Fordable Portable Lift

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Having a difficult time lifting your EZ Lite Cruiser into the trunk of your car, SUV, or truck?  Not sure if you can lift the 44 lbs - 62 lbs weight range of the EZ Lite Cruiser?  We're here to help... Introducing the EZ Lite Cruiser Foldable Portable Lift. This is truly a remarkable device. 
We've developed a lightweight standalone lift that can lift up to 70 lbs, but weighs only 29.8 lbs. 
As the name suggests, it is foldable into a small compact space, so that does not take up much space in your car, and which makes it extremely portable.  It is fully motorized and uses the 24 Volt battery that your EZ Lite Cruiser runs on.


  • Weighs Only 29.8 lbs
  • Lifts up to 70 lbs Safely
  • 16" x 12" x 28" Folded
  • 30" x 36" x 60" Unfolded
  • Legs are 5" Off the Ground (for Clearance Under Vehicle)
  • Wheels Allow Rolling, Repositioning & Can Be Locked
  • Lifts any Standard Model up to 33" off the ground
  • Lifts any Deluxe Model up to 26" off the ground

As the chair goes up, you can also tilt the chair to get a larger clearance off the ground, if needed.

Works with all of the EZ Lite Cruiser Models - as long as it is under the 70 lbs limit. Batteries may need to be removed from the EZ Lite Cruiser to ensure the total weight being lifted is under 70 lbs.  Do Not Overload.  Ensure that the device is used on FLAT and LEVEL ground. The off-board charging XLR plug on your battery can be used to supply it power, or, you can supply it power through the joystick if the battery is connected to the EZ Lite Cruiser.

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