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EZ Lite Cruiser: EZ Grabz-All Reaching Tools

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The EZ Grabz-All Reaching Tool is the perfect 'extension' for your hands when something is out of reach, it literally has endless applications to help you in your day-to-day activities.  Grab the remote, a bottle of water that is out of reach, something from the kitchen cupboard, etc.
The EZ Grabz-All Reaching Tool frame is made of brushed aluminum and is rustproof.  The rubberized jaw grabs objects and prevents them from slipping -- it will easily hold 5 pounds.  The ergonomically designed trigger and handle are easy to use and provide maximum comfort for your hands.  
The rubberized jaw measures about 4.5 inches on the inside.
The length of the grabber is 32 inches, from the base of the grip to the tip of the grabber jaws.


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