Luggie Elite Scooter

Luggie Elite Scooter

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When your mobility matters most to you, having a mobility scooter that is difficult to travel with can limit your ability to go where you want to go. The Luggie Elite Scooter is designed to enhance your mobility on all fronts and never hold you back from anything you want to do. With the Luggie Elite Scooter, you can do more without compromising your schedule.

Easy fold technology allows you to fold the Luggie Elite Scooter into three different folding configurations depending on where life takes you for that day. The tiller can be folded between the seats, flat against the foot rest, or the entire device folds up just like luggage for easy airport transport. The ability to fold your Luggie Elite Scooter into multiple configurations give you the ability to store your scooter wherever and whenever you need it.

Stability is important when it comes to enhancing your mobility and with the Luggie Elite Scooter, ultimate stability is built into every part of it. The 4 wheel configuration is among the most stable options for mobility challenged individuals, so the Luggie Elite Scooter will certainly provide a stable base for all your mobility needs. However, the Luggie Elite Scooter is more than just a 4 wheel mobility scooter. The front 2 solid wheels remain closer together to enhance the scooter’s overall turning radius. Even with a 4 wheel design, the Luggie Elite Scooter maintains a tiny 40” turning radius making it more versatile than other 4 wheel scooter designs.

The Luggie Elite Scooter frees you up without weighing you down. Some mobility devices are bulky and heavy even when folded or disassembled, but with the Luggie Elite Scooter, lightweight features are built right in. When folded, the entire device weighs just 50 lbs., so even if you do not have someone with you, you can easily load and unload the scooter without trouble. The Luggie Elite is designed to be among the most versatile and initiative models on the market.


  • Total Range Up to 22 Miles with 16.5AH Li-Ion Battery Choice
  • Ground Clearance is 2.5” at Motor and 4.5” At Side Deck
  • 6” Solid Front Tires and 7” Solid Rear Tires
  • Rear Wheel Drive Configuration
  • Folds Flat for Easy Storage with No Need to Remove Seat
  • LED Power Indicator so You Always Know When to Charge
  • Total Weight Without Batteries is Just 50 lbs
  • Seat and Armrests Are Adjustable on This Model (Armrests are an optional add-on).
  • Weight Capacity is 320 lbs.
  • Ideal for Tight Spaces with 40” Turning Radius
  • 4 mph Top Speed
  • Up to 6 Degree Slope Rated


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