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Handicare: Ergonomic Shower Seat - LI2201.2006-02

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Product Description

Sit in the Lap of Luxury
A seat made to conform to your body, set at the specific height you need it with a backrest and armrests… and you can shower in it?  That’s comfort. That’s safety. And that’s the Handicare Ergonomic Shower Seat. Whether it’s an issue with stamina or balance, sometimes the safest way to shower is sitting. The Ergonomic Shower Seat’s sturdy, ergonomic design provides stability for ease and safety in the shower.


Employing a curved, lightly-textured surface, the Ergonomic Show Seat protects against catches and slips while encouraging a proper and active sitting position for washing.
Backrest and Armrest Options
The fitted backrest attaches directly to the wall and provides ergonomic support for the user’s back while protecting against cold tile walls. Swiveling armrests not only supports a user’s arms but also assist when lowering to or rising from the seat.
  • The foldable seat allows for more free space in the bathroom
  • 330 lbs (150 kg) weight capacity
  • In combination with Floor Support, the accessory can accommodate users weighing up to 660 lbs (300 kg)
  • Max load per armrest: 165 lbs (75 kg)
  • Provides safe, ergonomic support and promotes an active sitting posture
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Easy installation, with fixed or removable options
  • Durable plastic (glass fiber reinforced nylon) for easy maintenance
  • Watertight construction and hygienic design


Floor Supports For Shower Seats: To provide adequate support and security, a wall-mounted shower seat must always be fixed securely to the wall. However, for users weighing more than 220 lbs (100 kg) and when there are concerns over the strength of the wall, we recommend using floor supports.
  • Three types for all wall mounted shower seats
  • Distributes the load over both floor and wall
  • Height adjustable folds up and down with the seat
  • Durable steel or stainless steel
  • Available in colors white, anthracite, or stainless steel/white
  • Watertight construction
  • Very easy to install, both for new and for existing installations of shower seats
  • Extremely secure, the combination of shower seat and floor support provides reliable support for users weighing up to 661 lbs/300 kg
Wall Mounting Set: When you want to be sure your accessories are secure, the Wall Mounting Set will help you carry on. Available for use with our Bathroom Safety products:
  • All Hinged Arm Supports
  • Floor Console for Hinged Arm Supports
  • Ergonomic Shower Seat without backrest
  • Compact Shower Seat
  • Includes Fischer UX 10 plugs (4 pcs), wood screw 8 x 90 mm stainless steel A2 (4 pcs), washer M8 DIN 125 stainless steel A2 (4 pcs)
  • 1 set for 1 wall plate/floor plate/system/backrest/shower seat
Backing Plate Set: When you have concerns about the wall surface you’re mounting to, the Backing Plate Set lets you use the strength of the entire wall. Backing plates set is supplied as a complete set for one Ergonomic shower seat. No separate fixings are required.
  • Optimum support for any wall
  • Easy to install
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Available in neutral white color only
  • Weight capacity of 330 lbs (150 kg)
Cover Sets: Products are always supplied with the corresponding cover sets. The cover sets are also available as spare parts.
  • Spare part for Hinged arm support
  • Spare part for Ergonomic shower seat with or without backrest/armrests
  • Made from plastic (glass fiber reinforced nylon) and are available in several colors to match the arm supports and shower seats
Height Adjustment Systems For Shower Seats: The Height Adjustment System enables a shower seat to adjust the position by an expansive 6 in (150 mm), more than enough to set to the right height for both the tallest and shortest users. For use with Handicare shower seats with and without backrests.
  • Easy installation
  • Watertight, stainless steel construction
  • Durable, hygienic design that’s easy to clean
  • Weight capacity of 330 lbs (150 kg)
  • Kits for shower seats with and without backrests
  • Available in stainless steel/white

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