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Handicare: EvaDrive - 60900002

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$9,431.53 $11,095.91

Product Description

Power Motion

Experience a new way of handling your mobile lift. In healthcare where the cost of job-related injuries is exponentially climbing, EvaDrive revolutionizes transfers by greatly reducing the force required to move a patient. Designed specifically for our Eva450 and Eva600 floor lifts, EvaDrive puts the power to the wheels and enables caregivers to move patients of any size effortlessly, regardless of space constraints.


  • Intuitive control panel – four simple buttons put the caregiver in full control; colored indicator lights and universal symbols are easy to understand and require no translation
  • Responsive handle – operates intuitively and without force; with the tip of your finger, EvaDrive turns, reverses and moves forward with ease; any caregiver can easily drive the lift with one hand, even with large patients
  • Turntable rear wheels – powered independent drive wheels pivot up to 90° inward/outward enabling the operator to turn the lift on a dime and maneuver with precision in tight spaces
  • Powerful lithium battery – provides all the power you need, all day long when fully charged

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