Handicare Medcare Care Lift - Discontinued

Handicare Medcare Care Lift - Discontinued

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This Product is discontinued and just for information purposes only.

Product Description

Better than a Piggyback Ride

What’s the best part of your uncle’s piggyback rides? Getting carried where you wanted to go. The worst part? Sometimes ending up with a bump when he dropped you. The Medcare Care Lift will carry you where you want to go, without that unplanned bounce on the floor—just the best part of the ride. Designed to convey non-weight bearing patients without the strain of manual transfers, the Medcare Care Lift features an expandable base for easy access when maneuvering near wheelchairs, beds, tubs, and toilets.

  • Available in two weight capacities 475 lbs (216 kg) or 600 lbs (272 kg)
  • Arched boom for added head clearance
  • 4-point, non-rigid hanger bar sling conforms to the patient for added comfort
  • Low leg base for maneuvering under low bed rails
  • Standard 4.5 in or 3 in low-profile
  • Remote hand control enabling caregiver to maintain contact with the patient
  • Dual battery design allows the lift to be in constant use
  • Comprehensive customer support


Mesh Sling Bag: attaches to your Medcare lift for convenient storage of your slings and belts.

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