Handicare MiniLift Sit-to-Stand 200

Handicare MiniLift Sit-to-Stand 200

  • Model No. 401100334

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Product Description

Comfort Beyond Compare

MiniLift is like no other sit-to-stand device on the market. Its unique design safely moves the patient forward and upward in a natural movement while leg muscles and balance are exercised, providing a secure and active experience. Indoors and out, use MiniLift to assist patients when getting up from wherever they are seated. Fitted with the proper accessories, MiniLift provides support for the feet, lower legs, and behind the back, offering safe and secure movement during application. A great choice for commercial and residential use.


  • Available in 440 lbs (200 kg)
  • Industry unique design – comfortable, active sit-to-stand with the natural movement pattern
  • Small and convenient
  • Easy and agile maneuvering
  • Ergonomic and easy-to-use hand control with 2 (EM) or 4 (EE) buttons
  • A quick guide on the lift
  • Grip-friendly handles with multiple options for hand placement
  • Soft, adjustable lower leg support
  • Low, anti-slip footplate can be removed to use MiniLift as an assistive walking device
  • Easy-rolling, maintenance-free casters
  • Lockable rear casters
  • High capacity lithium-ion battery with long service life
  • Control box with built-in diagnostics
  • Adjustable base width; manual (EM) motorized (EE)
  • Electrical emergency stop readily available on the control box
  • Available with low legs for use with lower beds
  • Meets the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive for Class 1 products 93/42/EEC


ThoraxSling: a specially adapted sit-to-stand vest for the MiniLift

SlingBarWrap: soft protection for the bar to assist users with uncontrolled movements

HandControl HB33-6: has six buttons for service, battery status, and overload indicator

CalfStrap: is used to support the patient’s calves, providing an extra feeling of security during movement

Linak external charger: enables one battery to charge while the other is in operation


Name  MiniLift200
Part Number 401100334
Description Electrical base width adjustment
Low Legs  No
Unit  1 piece 
Length 36.2"
Width  23.2"-40.6"
Height  39.4"
Weight  108 lbs
Safe Working Load 440 lbs

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User Manual

User Manual