Joerns CareChair

Joerns CareChair

  • Model No. RCCC550B

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Multi-tasking chair with power reclining for maximum patient comfort. Adjusts into a stretcher position for lateral transfer

Transferring and mobilizing bariatric patients can be quite a challenge, but with the CareChair, it does not have to be. This convertible transfer chair adjusts from a full upright sitting position to a full stretcher and all points in between to facilitate a lateral transfer. During an emergency, the CareChair converts from the chair to the stretcher quickly and easily making it indispensable in an ICU, CCU, or emergency room. With motorized tilt-in-space, the CareChair provides effortless repositioning. When tilted back, the chair supplies a more secure and comfortable sitting position and when tilted forward, it can aid the patient in standing from a seated position. The full range of motion offers maximum patient comfort for those with respiratory conditions, head and neck injuries, or orthopedic disorders.


  • Available in three sizes to accommodate a full range of patient size
  • Convenient battery-powered operation
  • Separately adjustable elevating leg rests
  • Captive IV pole and O2 tank holder
  • Latex-free
  • Agency approvals: UL 544 and CSA 601-1

    Weight Capacity  550 lbs.  650 lbs.  850 lbs. 
    Chair Weight  180 lbs 196 lbs 210 lbs
    Overall Width  32"  35"  39"
    Seat Depth  18"  18"  19"
    Back Angle  0-65°
    Tilt Angle  0-15°
    Seat Height Above Floor  Chair Position: 24"
    Stretcher Position: 30"
    Arm Rest (Side Rail) Height above Seat Chair Position: 7" - 18"
    Stretcher Position: 1" - 10"
    Power Requirements Power: 120 VAC
    Frequency: 60 Hz
    Current Rating: 4.0 Amps
    Mode of Operation: 10% Maximum Duty Cycle 2 minutes on/18 minutes off
    Circuit Protection: Auto Reset Current Sensor
    Battery We suggest the batteries be charged for 24 hours prior to first use. Thereafter, when the battery capacity is approximately 0% it takes about 4-5 hours to reach 80% of the battery capacity level. We recommend a charging time of up to 10 hours which gives 100% capacity. To achieve optimum battery life, keep the chair plugged in at all times when the chair is stationary. 
    Ambient Temperature Operating Conditions  +10°C to +40°C
    Relative Humidity Operating Conditions  30% to 75% Non-Condensing
    Atmospheric Pressure Operating Conditions  700 hPa to 1060 hPa
    Protected Against Splashing Water IPX4
    Ambient Temperature Storage and Shipping Conditions  -40°C to +70°C Relative
    Humidity Storage and Shipping Conditions  10% to 100%
    Atmospheric Pressure Storage and Shipping Conditions  500 hPa to 1060 hPa
    Foot Rest  Length Adjustable Individually, Manual 0 - 5"
    Leg Rest  Angle Adjustable individually, manual, and affected by other position changes
    Casters Diameter: 6" Width: 3"
    Operated by central steer/lock system
    Thread Guards: Non-marring
    Standard  Oxygen Tank Holder, Inclinometer, Captive IV Rod and Holder (adjustable height), 4-way stretch Urethane padded cushion to cover
    Options  Tray - Not yet available on 850 model Commode Seat
    Shipping Weight  Approximately 300 lbs. (plus accessories)

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