Joerns Hoyer Legacy Classic Lifts

Joerns Hoyer Legacy Classic Lifts

  • Model No. C-HLA-2

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Product Description

A collection of traditional lifts designed for the homecare environment

For more than 60 years, Hoyer lifts have defined the Safe Patient Handling category. From Ted Hoyer’s early designs in the 1950s to more efficient models built with modern designs and materials, the Hoyer name has always stood for innovation. Hoyer’s full line of truly functional and versatile lifts offers outstanding performance and style beyond comparison.

The “Legacy” Classic line, which has provided safe and successful transfers for decades, was originally designed with chrome plating to protect the metal from rusting. Joerns Healthcare moved away from chrome plating to a new, more effective, and environmentally friendly coating for most of our lifts. The upgraded lifts with the newer coating are the HML400 and HPL402.

Tested to EN ISO 10535, the global standard for patient lifts


Portable Units Safe Working Load
300 lbs to 750 lbs
Compact Units Safe Working Load
300 lbs to 750 lbs
Heavy-Duty Units Safe Working Load
600 to 1000 lbs 

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