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Keen Healthcare: Keen® Journey™ Elite Contour Plus Cushion without Anchors - ECP3-EZ16x16

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The Keen® Journey™ Elite Contour Plus 3.5″ | Model – ECP3 wheelchair cushion is ideal for patients suffering from or at HIGH-risk {up to Stage IV wound history (Braden Scale 11)} for skin breakdown and requiring maximum pressure relief. A deep contour and slight wedge in the revolutionary Tru-Relief™ memory foam that comprises the top layer is designed to encourage proper pelvic alignment and help prevent the pelvis from sacral sliding. The Keen® Journey™ Elite Cushion also utilizes a technology named Sanosphere™. Sanosphere™ is a revolutionary technology that envelopes bony prominences, providing comfort, relief and even pressure redistribution like nothing before and in many cases the Journey™ Elite’s Sanosphere™ Technology has been shown to perform better than air or gel cushions and offers the bonus of no maintenance. The Sanosphere™ Technology is comprised of dual hemispheres that have the ability to compress under an individual’s shape and weight and distribute the pressure evenly throughout the seating area giving relief and added comfort. Utilizing hemispheres of different diameters are sizes to properly support and envelop the coccyx and ischial tuberosity regions; the Sanosphere™ cushion decreases pressure to those areas most susceptible to pressure ulcers. These twin hemispheres are comprised of Thermoplastic Polyurethane which is resilient and durable. They are 100% recyclable. Amazingly they can compress up to 95% of their resting shape and rebound to their original shape and size. The Sanosphere™ Technology calculates areas needing greater envelopment and stability and floats these areas using Hemi-Air Zones. Our arrangement of different sphere-shaped hemispheres is used to tune the interface with the patient aids in positioning for redistribution in (disorders caused by poor positioning). Sanosphere™ hemispheres are engineered to collapse under different loads, arranging the field of differently tuned Sanosphere™ reduces peak pressures and evenly distributes according to the shape and weight of the individual patient. Sanosphere™ technology provides high-performance pressure redistribution with the added bonus of no required maintenance.

-Weight limit: 350lbs.
-Includes a 4-way stretch, the incontinent resistant cover of your choice standard with a non-skid bottom.


Cover EZ Cover, Performance Cover
  • 16" wide x 16" deep
  • 16" wide x 18" deep
  • 18" wide x 16" deep
  • 18" wide x 18" deep
  • 18" wide x 20" deep
  • 20" wide x 16" deep
  • 20" wide x 18" deep
  • 20" wide x 20" deep
Sewn-on Anchors Without Anchors

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