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Mangar Health: Archimedes Bath Lift - MNGR-LAA3716

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$479.00 $684.97

Product Description

The Archimedes Bath Lift is the next step up from our bathing cushion in terms of stability as it provides an extra back support for people who struggle to get in and out of the bath.

The beauty of the Archimedes bathing aid is that it allows you the comfort and stability of a high backrest, at the same time as making sure you have lots of legroom to relax and take the weight off your joints.

Benefits of the Archimedes Bath Lift

The bath lift is a safe, stable and reassuring bathing aid which allows people to sit or lie just 7cms from the bottom of the bath. As it needs no expensive bathroom alterations, it’s an affordable option for most and as it can be removed when it’s not in use it is a great alternative to a fully fitted walk-in-bath.

Who can use it?

The Archimedes Bath Lift is the perfect solution for medical settings where a dignified, comfortable and relaxing bathing experience is needed. It is the ideal bathing aid for the elderly living in a care home, particularly those with limited mobility.

If a supporting caregiver is required to help operate the bath lift, they can easily use the hand control to lower and raise the user into the bath. The Archimedes Bath Lift helps protect the carer, reducing the need for manual handling and preventing back related injuries.

If you need more back support, the Archimedes is the perfect solution Made by Mangar.

Lower and raise yourself in and out of the bath on the reassuring and comfortable fixed position seat using the battery powered hand control.


  • The Archimedes Bath Lift separates into three pieces, making it easy to store, fit, remove and clean.
  • The safety feature means the Archimedes Bath Lift will only lower you into the bath if there is enough battery power to raise you back up again.
  • The fixed seat is comforting and reassuring
  • It is battery operated with no dangerous power cables
  • It has a fully waterproof hand control which is simple to use for either the user or a caregiver
  • It can lift up to 165kg (26 stone)


    Maximum User Weight:

    26 stone

    Seat Height (min/max):


    Seat Length:


    Seat Width:


    Weight of Seat Section:


    Weight of Base Section:


    Weight of Actuator:


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