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MK Battery: 50 Ah 24 Volt ES50-12 AGM Mobility Scooter Battery Pack with Screw Terminals

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Quick Overview

  • Upgrade your scooter's power with this set of two high capacity mobility scooter and power chair batteries
  • Here is our 24 Volt 50 Ah ES50-12 AGM batteries from MK Battery
  • 1 Year Warranty


Upgrade your scooter's power with this set of two high capacity mobility scooter and power chair batteries. Here is our 24 Volt 50 Ah ES50-12 AGM batteries from MK Battery. This are 50 Ah batteries that has the same physical size as standard 40 Ah batteries but with the additional punch of a 50 Ah capacity. This battery can be used to replace both 40 Ah and 50 Ah applications.

These 50 Ah ES50-12 batteries come with screw terminals as shown in the photo. Please check the dimensions on our "Specs" tab before ordering.

These MK ES50-12 batteries are maintenance-free, completely enclosed systems where the liquid electrolyte (the acid) is completely sealed, hence the term "sealed lead acid." The absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries use a fiberglass like mat to hold the electrolyte in a stable and spill-proof suspension. This is the best possible type of battery for any scooter. All AGM batteries are SLA batteries, but not all SLA batteries are AGM batteries.

The ES50-12 replaces any standard 24 volt 40 Ah - 50 Ah battery pack including the following battery models:
  • PVX-420T (Concorde Battery)
  • PE12V40AB2 (GS Portalac)
  • ES40-12 (MK Battery)
  • M40-12 SLD M (MK Battery)
  • PG-12V42FR (Power-Sonic)
  • PS-12400 Power-Sonic)
  • WP45-12 (Power Source)
  • SK-BT45 (Shuriken)
  • UB12500 (Universal Battery)
The ES50-12 battery pack comes with a 1-year full replacement warranty.

Please check the dimensions on our "Specs" tab before ordering.

Why buy replacement U1 scooter and power chair batteries from Monster Scooter Parts?
Monster Scooter Parts sells high-quality AGM and gel batteries at affordable prices. You can be assured that the batteries we sell are of a higher quality than the knock-off or off-brand batteries sold by Amazon dealers and eBay sellers. All of our mobility batteries are backed by a one year warranty. Compare our scooter and power chair batteries and battery packs to the lower quality batteries sold by our competition and you will easily understand why Monster Scooter Parts is your source for mobility parts and accessories.


  • Brand: MK Battery
  • Model: ES50-12
  • Voltage: 24 volts (12 volts each) 
  • Style: AGM 
  • Capacity: 50 Ah 
  • Length: 7.79" 
  • Width: 6.54" 
  • Height: 6.73" 
  • Weight: 31.3 lbs. each 
  • Terminal: Screws 
  • Warranty: 1 Year Full Replacement Warranty


  • ActiveCare Medical Prowler 3310
  • ActiveCare Medical Prowler 3410
  • C.T.M. Homecare HS-730
  • C.T.M. Homecare HS-740
  • C.T.M. Homecare HS-890
  • C.T.M. Homecare HS-5600
  • EVT America 168
  • EVT America 4000e
  • EVT America Trike
  • Freerider FR168-3XC
  • Freerider FR168-4SP
  • Freerider FR510DXC
  • Freerider FR510DXP
  • Freerider FR510DXs2b
  • Heartway Allure (HP6)
  • Heartway Allure R (HP6R)
  • Heartway Allure RT (HP6RT)
  • Heartway Allure S (HP6S)
  • Heartway Aviator (S8)
  • Heartway Escape HD (HP1HD)
  • Heartway Escape S (P12S)
  • Heartway Escape SX (P12SX)
  • Heartway Frontier (PF1)
  • Heartway Frontier S (PF1S)
  • Heartway Maxx (P3D)
  • Heartway Maxx R (P3DR)
  • Heartway Maxx RT (P3DRT)
  • Heartway Mystere (PF5)
  • Heartway Rumba (HP3)
  • Heartway Rumba HD (HP3HD)
  • Heartway Rumba S (HP4)
  • Heartway Rumba SF (P4F)
  • Heartway Rumba SR (P4R)
  • Heartway Sahara R (HP7R)
  • Heartway Sahara RT (HP7RT)
  • Heartway Sahara RTLE (HP7RTLE)
  • Heartway Sahara S (HP7S)
  • Heartway Titan C (P11C)
  • Heartway Titan R (P11R)
  • Heartway Titan RT (P11RT)
  • Heartway Venus (S9)
  • Heartway Vision (P13)
  • Heartway Vision C (P13C)
  • Heartway Vision R (P13R)
  • Heartway Vision RT (P13RT)
  • Heartway Vita (S12)
  • Heartway Vita 3 (S12T)
  • Heartway Vital (P16)
  • Heartway Vital R (P16R)
  • Heartway Vital RTL (P16RTL)
  • Invacare Panther MX-4
  • Levo (by Dane Technologies) Combi
  • Levo (by Dane Technologies) Combi Jr.
  • Orthofab Kameleon
  • Orthofab Titan Scooter
  • PaceSaver Explorer
  • PaceSaver Scout
  • PaceSaver Scout Boss 4.5
  • PaceSaver Scout RF
  • Permobil Koala
  • Pride Boxster (PMV520)
  • Pride Celebrity XL Heavy Duty (SC445/SC4450DX)
  • Pride Colt Pursuit
  • Pride Hurricane (PMV500)
  • Rascal 625
  • Shoprider 6Runner 14 (888WNLLHD)
  • Shoprider Aristocrat (P424L)
  • Shoprider Jetstream L (888WAL)
  • Shoprider Jetstream M (888WAM)
  • Shoprider Streamer (888WSB)
  • Tuffcare Challenger BX 6000
  • Tuffcare Challenger PX 6500

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