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Why Nuprodx: Multichair Shower 4020rx?

Looking for the narrowest, shortest and most maneuverable shower / commode chair available? The MULTICHAIR 4020Rx, with front-mount big wheels and narrow width, can back over toilets confined in even the smallest of spaces. It features rear-mounted caster wheels that won’t hit the toilet tank or wall. With its unique leg-clamping system and full-range of adjustability, it can fit about any living situation.

Special Feature 1

Side access for toilet activities

Special Feature 2

Swing-away / removable push handles

Special Feature 3

Can set up with wheels mounted front or rear

Important Information

Solid rubber tires, axle blocks for durability

What's Included?

Won't rust or corrode 

Where Was It Manufactured?

Livermore, California

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