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New Solutions: Dynamic Shark Power Module (Controller) 40 Amp - DK-PMB40

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This is the DK-PMB40 Shark controller made by Dynamic Controls and is compatible with the ActiveCare Medalist 450, Merits Junior (P320), Merits Vision Sport (P326A), and Shoprider Streamer Sport (888WAB).

Unlike some joystick controllers that combine all the electronics into the joystick, the Dynamic Shark system utilizes a separate joystick remote and controller box. The result is more power, unrivaled ergonomics, greater versatility, and superior usability.

The Shark system features Dynamic's breakthrough “Chair Tamer” technology, providing unprecedented chair performance, control, and safety.

Shark features:

  • A number of remotes are available to meet a wide range of user needs.
  • A choice of power modules offers basic "drive only" functionality up through modules supporting multiple seat adjustments, lights, etc.
  • No heavy power cables running from the armrest to the motors and batteries.
  • No hot surfaces for the user to touch.
  • A longer and higher current delivery than equivalently rated integral controllers.
  • Superior EMC performance due to minimized power wiring.

Dynamic Controls Model Number: DK-PMB40
ActiveCare Part Number: LPW180024
Merits Part Numbers: 64220004 and 64210010
Shoprider Part Number: 1361-00204-04


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