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North Coast Medical: Beasy Transfer Boards - NC94224

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$362.29 $640.82

Product Description

Portable, gliding, swivel seat eliminates lifting and eases transfers.

  • Beasy™ Transfer Boards apply a patented technology that places the user on a safe, circular seat.
  • As the seat glides across the track on the base, the friction of movement is borne by the board, not the user.
  • Seat swivels 360° for easy positioning and placement.
  • Boards support up to 400 lbs. (181kg).
  • The BeasyTrans™ is ideal for automobile transfers and bed repositioning. The BeasyTrans™ measures 40" x 12" (102 x 30cm) and weighs 6½ lbs. (3kg).
  • The BeasyGlyder™ is designed to accommodate obstacles that impair transfers, such as wheelchair arms that are not removable. The BeasyGlyder™ measures 32" x 10" (81 x 25cm) and weighs 4½ lbs. (2kg).
  • The Beasy II™ is ideal for smaller areas where space is limited, such as bathrooms or small bedrooms. The Beasy II™ measures 27½" x 12" (70 x 30cm) and weigh 4½ lbs. (2kg).

A sturdy Carrying Bags & Wheelchair Bag for all models are available, sold separately. The Wheelchair Bag fits over wheelchair handles.

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