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PaceSaver: Scout M1-350 CC Convertible - 81855A

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Product Description

Drive With Ease - The M1 state-of-the-art controllers driving ease, power, speed & efficiency are generations ahead of the integral controllers (joystick & power module in one box) used on many powerchairs. M1’s patented dual-direction drive is inherently the most stable drive platform.

Directional Clarity - M1 Convertible™ patented flip-a-switch directional drive system features AAP (Accidental Activation Prevention) and is much more reliable than swivel seat switches.

Directional Drive = Optimum Performance - For indoor manoeuvrability choose the short turning radius of front-wheel drive and move outdoors with relaxing ease at 4.7 mph.

On inclines, take advantage of the natural weight shift for traction and control. Go uphill in rear-wheel drive and downhill in front-wheel drive. If you prefer the feel of rear-wheel drive, you have a custom program for ease of control and performance.


Basic Dimensions Overall Length (FWD) (w Std. 10" Footplate) 38.75"
Overall Length (RWD) (w Std. 10" Footplate) 40.25
Overall Width (Back width + 5") TBD (see note-left)
Overall Wheel Base Length 28"
Rear Wheel drive - Casters turned back
Overall Wheel Base Length 32.5"
Front Wheel drive - Casters turned forward
Wheel Base Length 15"
(Ctr. Drive Hub To Ctr. Casters)
(Ctr. Drive Hub To Ctr. Casters) 24"
Wheel Base Width (Outside to Outside) 2.5"
Perfomance (per RESNA test) Front Wheel Drive Turning Radius 22"
Rear Wheel Drive Turning Radius 28.8"
Max Speed 4.5 MPH
Range (varies w/ weight & driving conditions) 10.6 mi.
(U1 Batteries)
Capacity 350 lb.
Maximum Incline Rating 6 Deg
Weights Controller & 18"x18" CFB (Standard Seat for Unit) 33 lb.
Controller & 18"x18" Admiral (Optional Seat for Unit) 45 lb.
Motor/Suspension-Pneumatic Tires 72.5 lb.
Motor/Suspension-Flat Free Filled Tires 84.5 lb.
U1 Batteries (25 lb each) 50 lb.
Footplate/Front Anti-Tip System 14 lb.
Total Avg. Weight w/ Batteries 181.5 lb. 1
Standard 18"x18" ComForBack Seat Dimensions (3" compressed foam) Seat Front Edge Height from Footplate Low 14.25"
Seat Front Edge Height from Footplate High 19.25"
Seat Front Edge Height from Floor Low 21.25"
Seat Front Edge Height from Floor High 23.25"
Power Seat Front Edge Height from Floor Low 22.5"
Power Seat Front Edge Height from Floor High 27.5"
Seat Pan Height from Floor Low 17"
Seat Pan Height from Floor High 20"
Back Height from Seat Standard 19.5"
Headrest Height (Elevates to 7.5') 4.5"
Tire Dimensions Small Tire(s) Dia. X Width 8" x 2"
Drive Tire(s) Dia. X Width 11"x 3.5"
Optional Features Admiral Seat Yes
Rehab Seating w/Tilt Yes
Power Seat Yes
Power ELRs No
Power Stanza Anti-Tips No
Custom Footplate - (Ctr. Col./Large size) Yes
Swing-away Joystick Yes

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