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Why Pride Mobility Revo 2.0?

Pride’s Revo makes a welcome return to their scooter line-up. The Revo 2.0 is a true heavy duty travel scooter separating into 4 pieces with a 375 pound weight capacity. The Revo now features a padded delta tiller for easier gripping for those needing assistance with steering due to hand function challenges. A front head light on the tiller will light your way. With your choice of a grey or blue body color with black seat, black deck and black wheels the Revo creates a sleek, modern look. The Revo has always been and continues to be a great option for those who need the convenience of a travel scooter but with the size and power of a full size scooter.

The full size (46” long and 21” width) is a great option for those needing a little extra leg room not available on many travel scooters. The ability to separate the Revo 2.0 into 4 separate pieces makes the Revo 2.0 easy to transport without needing to add a scooter lift to the back of your vehicle. 3 wheels, a 40” turning radius and a dependable yet svelte 21” overall width makes the Revo 2.0 easily adaptable to most surroundings. Two under seat storage compartments gives you room to safely and discretely carry your personal belongings. There is also a USB mobile device charging port.



Weight Capacity

375 lb


Two Under Seat Storage Compartments


12 Miles

Turning Radius


Additional Features

 Padded Delta Tiller

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