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Rear Fender for the Golden Technologies Compass (GP600) & Compass HD (GP620)

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A replacement rear fender for the Golden Technologies Compass (GP600) & Compass HD (GP620) power chairs can go a long way in improving the looks of a well-used Compass. This is the fender that goes across the top of the drive wheel assembly to do what fenders do best, keeping the rain and mud from being slung up behind you.

If your Compass power chair is beginning to look a bit tattered, we have something to help restore it. Whether you need the Blue or the Red for your Compass or Compass HD, these are just the things to replace a cracked, broken, scraped, or scratched fender.

Face it, no matter how careful you are with your Golden Technologies power chair, hard use will soon take its toll on the fenders. Aren't you glad that you always have us to help you rectify these issues?

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