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Red Rear Shroud Assembly for Golden Companion I (GC240) and II (GC340, GC440) Scooters

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Unlike the model-specific front and middle shrouds, this red rear shroud assembly for Golden Companion I (GC240) and II (GC340, GC440) scooters is common to all three models. The rear shroud covers the rear wheels and the back of the scooter. This rear body panel is a very important shroud that provides protection from dirt and moisture getting into those delicate parts of your scooter. A little fix now that can certainly prevent major damage down the road.

Note: This shroud is only compatible with Golden's 2nd generation Companion I (GC240) and II (GC340, GC440) scooters. It will not fit the earlier Companion I (GC221 / GC222 / GC223), Companion II 3-wheel (GC321 / GC322 / GC323 / GC325), or Companion II 4-wheel (GC421 / GC422).

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