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Roll-A-Ramp: Band Trailer - BTS-1

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Product Description

Are you in need of a reliable solution for unloading your marching band or drum corps trailer? Roll-A-Ramp is the answer!

Our 22″ wide ramps placed side by side provide the versatility you need for unloading different sizes of heavy boxes and delicate instruments. This width also offers an extended heavy duty upper approach plate to provide a smooth transition in and out of the trailer. The most common length for this application is 14 feet, but the ramp length can be adjusted by adding and removing links.

No special tools are needed to set up the ramps, so it is very easy for students to be involved with loading and unloading the trailers. Ramps may be split into shorter sections for handling and storage

Each 7-foot section weighs approximately 33 lbs.  with a rolled diameter of approximately 22”

Band Trailer Ramp System Packages:
#BTS-1  Includes
A12213A19     14’ x 22” Roll-A-Ramp® (Quantity 2)
3222-E             Extended Upper Load-Bearing Approach Plate (Quantity 2)
#3275              Quick-Connect Pins (2 pair)
G-3612-L          Long Adjustable Support Stands (2 pair)

$4,275 plus shipping

#BTS-1.3 Includes
A12213A19     14’ x 22” Roll-A-Ramp® (Quantity 3)
3222-E             Extended Upper Load-Bearing Approach Plates (Quantity 3)
3275                 Quick-Connect Pins (3 pair)
G-3612-L          Long Adjustable Support Stands (3 pair)
$5,699 plus shipping 

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