Roll-A-Ramp Platforms

Roll-A-Ramp Platforms

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Roll-A-Ramp® Platforms are a great option for longer ramps that need a landing or a change of direction.

In some cases, the space available to set up the ramp is simply too limited so the ramp will need to include a platform to make a turn. Some of our customers have been very creative in limited spaces by using platforms to increase accessibility for friends, customers, and family members. The legs that support the platforms are made to the length you need. Platforms come with handrails on two sides and Z-mount brackets  (also called seg-mount brackets) so the approach plate of the ramp can be easily inserted.

A platform kit includes everything you need for quick assembly including the aluminum platform, lightweight anodized aluminum handrails, brackets, and legs. They can be used as a permanent solution or easily remove the handrails and legs for use anywhere!

Platforms are available in three sizes:

  • 4′ X 4′
  • 5′ X 5′

The platform kit includes handrails on two sides and adjustable legs.
Options for platform legs:
S: 10″ – 13.25″ (25.4 – 33.7cm)
L: 15.75″ – 21.5″ (40.0 – 54.6cm)
XL: 23.25″ – 35″ (59.0 – 89cm)
2XL: 35.5″ – 51″ (90 cm – 129 cm) (requires Platform Reinforcement Kit)