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SAFEPATH Products: CourtEdge Reducer Ramps

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Product Description 

CourtEdge™ Reducer Ramps are designed to remove vertical barriers and be affixed to the vertical sides of sports flooring, synthetic fields, gyms, martial arts studios, bowling alleys, dance floors, or any other raised platforms which are in need of a smooth transition up from the subfloor.  Our products are easily installed and can be cut-to-fit in the field.  Our reducers do not have weight-bearing limitations.  Whether the application is interior or exterior, CourtEdge™ Reducers will not freeze, crack or splinter like other flooring transition products and never require the use of mechanical fasteners.

Safety & Access – The only product prefabricated for the architectural, turf, and flooring industry.  CourtEdge™ Reducers offer a multitude of design and height configurations for complying with federal, state, and local access building code laws and regulations.

SafePath™ Products employs a design team of full-service professionals to help create a complete solution for flooring transitions for your projects.  Whether it is an inverted landing or a raised court surface, CourtEdge™ Reducers offer safe, durable, and aesthetically-pleasing solutions for any floor.  We can also coat our reducers in several colors with our exclusive StoneCap™ coating process.  Our coating adds extraordinary slip-resistant properties and is made from ceramic coated quartz.  Our coating is designed for long-term maintenance-free use.

Our design team carefully lays out each project according to the customer’s specifications before shipment, for error-free on-site installation.  Reducers are typically installed with high-grade silicone adhesive and are designed to be affixed to the substrate or vertical sides of flooring systems.  Temporary applications such as industrial double-stick tape and other fasteners are also available.

SafePath™ Products are all manufactured out of recycled materials and Made in the USA!!!


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