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Shoprider: Battery Box Assembly for the Shoprider Echo (SL73) and the Shoprider Hero

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Quick Overview

  • With or without 10 Ah batteries
  • Maintenance-free, spill-proof & airline safe
  • High-quality UPG batteries
  • Fresh batteries added right before shipping
  • Is it time to replace those old batteries
  • 1 Year Warranty


Is it time to replace those old batteries? One of the primary qualities of lightweight travel scooters is their ability to be quickly and conveniently disassembled into small, easily transportable components. The removable battery box is an essential part of this take-down system. This battery box assembly comes complete with the charger port, and a circuit breaker.

These sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries use the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) design. Airline-safe, spill-proof, and maintenance free; AGM batteries are the best choice for mobility scooters and power chairs.

Unlike many of our competitors, our battery boxes do not sit on the shelf for months with stale, cheap batteries. As part of our shipping process, we assemble our battery boxes with fresh new high-quality Universal Power Group (UPG) batteries. We are rightfully proud of our battery boxes and battery packs, and you will not find better mobility batteries at any price.


  • Shoprider Echo (SL73)
  • Shoprider Hero

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