Span-America Geo-Mattress® Max

Span-America Geo-Mattress® Max

  • Model No. MX7535-29

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Therapeutic Foam Mattress
Three-tier zoned design is the key to its high-end protection.

  • Luxurious, visco-elastic high resiliency "memory" foam in the foot section enhances the pressure-reducing properties of the Heel Slope feature.
  • Firm perimeter bolsters help to provide safe transfers, more stable edge-of-bed sitting, and reduced risk of gaps at side rails.
  • Extra-soft, high-performance top provides maximum immersion and a premium feel against the user's skin.
  • All Geo-Mattresses feature vapor barrier, bacteriostatically treated covers.
Weight Limit 400 lbs
Mattress Height 6" at Center
Mattress Weight 24 lbs

  • 7 Years Warranty on Non-Prorated basis.