Span-America Geo-Mattress® with Wings®

Span-America Geo-Mattress® with Wings®

  • Model No. W7535-29

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Therapeutic raised perimeter mattress
Added Safety—Without Compromise.

The supportive, raised perimeter (8" high) of our Geo-Mattress® with Wings® cradles the resident, helping prevent injury by discouraging independent exits from the bed and gently urging users away from dangerous positions near the edge of the mattress. Fills in the space between the bottom of the side rail and the mattress surface, helping to prevent impingement of extremities. All while helping your facility comply with the latest restraint reduction legislation, decreasing use of side rails, and recommendations for avoiding entrapment.

Instead of the same exposed, hard bolsters others use, its raised perimeter features a tissue-friendly Geo-Matt® surface from edge to edge. Boasting all the key benefits of the Max, Plus, and Pro, Geo-Mattress® with Wings® means safety for your residents - and their skin!

Weight Limit 400 lbs
Average Mattress Weight 24 lbs

  • 5 Years Non-Prorated Warranty