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Standard Battery Box for the Golden Buzzaround LT (GB107)

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When it is time to replace your Buzzaround LT's (GB107) batteries or battery box, this factory original standard Golden battery box assembly is guaranteed to be the exact replacement for the original standard capacity battery box on your Golden Buzzaround LT (GB107) mobility scooter. One of the qualities of lightweight travel scooters is their ability to be quickly and conveniently disassembled into small, easily transportable components. The removable battery box is an essential part of this take-down system.

Scooters 'N Chairs offers this battery box either with or without a 24 volt battery pack installed. But it keeps getting better. We give you the option of selecting out top-quality 12 A battery pack, or an uprated 15 Ah pack for up to 25% longer running between recharge cycles. These sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries use the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) design. Airline-safe, spill-proof, and maintenance free; AGM batteries are the best choice for mobility scooters and power chairs.

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