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TAG: X-Grip Clamp Cell Phone Holder with Extension Arms

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The X-Grip Clamp Cell Phone Holder with Extension Arms by TAG is an ideal solution to having your phone out and accessible while on your full size or all-terrain scooter. The cell phone holder is simple to set up and works with phones that are up to 9" wide, such as the iPhone 6 Plus. Assembling the three-piece holder is a breeze; simply twist the knobs to loosen the parts, place together and tighten. Attaching the clamp to the scooter’s tiller or handlebar uses the same knob, ensuring that it stays on tight and secure. To put the phone in the holder, just squeeze the top and bottom pegs, place the phone and let go. The durable rubberized pegs firmly grip your cell phone, ensuring it stays put during your commute on indoor and outdoor terrain.

The X-Grip Clamp Cell Phone Holder with Extended Arms has two arm length options: a 3” arm extension, which is ideal for full size scooters and a 6” arm extension, which is great for all-terrain and heavy-duty scooters. The X-Grip Clamp Cell Phone Holder is able to fit most scooters and can be adjusted so you don’t miss a call, text or email while on the go. 

*TAG does not recommend texting while operating your scooter.

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