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UPG: 12 Ah 36 Volt UB12120 AGM Battery Pack

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Quick Overview

  • 12 Ah 36 volt
  • With or without harness
  • Maintenance-free
  • Spill-proof
  • Airline safe
  • Our 12 Ah 36 volt UB12120 AGM battery pack from Universal Battery is an excellent value for the money
  • 1 Year Warranty


Our 12 Ah 36 volt UB12120 AGM battery pack from Universal Battery is an excellent value for the money. This is the most common battery type found in electric scooters, including most generic brands and the 36 volt Razor MX500 and MX650 dirt bikes.

We make it even better by offering this superb UB12120 battery pack either as a bundle of three batteries alone, or pre-wired with the harness.

Note: If you select the "No Harness" option, you will need to re-use your existing wires and connectors; reconnecting them to the batteries by either soldering or using tab (aka "spade") connectors. For the best results, we recommend that you purchase the complete battery pack with the harness. Please note that most recreational scooter battery wiring is soldered to the battery terminals, making re-using the original wiring difficult or impossible.

  • Sealed and maintenance-free operation.
  • Non-spillable design
  • Safety valve explosion-proof installation.
  • High quality and reliability
  • Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance
  • Low self-discharge characteristic.
  • Flexible design for multiple installation positions.

The UB12120 replaces any standard 36 volt 12 Ah battery pack including the following battery models:

  • D12S (AJC Battery)
  • BP12-12/EP12-12 (BB Battery)
  • EXP12120/BLMFM12.12 (ExpertPower)
  • NP12-12T (EnerSys Genesis)
  • ML12-12 (Mighty Max)
  • ES12-12 (MK Battery)
  • PK12120 (Power King)
  • PS-12120 (Power-Sonic)
  • GB12120 (PowerStar)
  • SG12120T2 (Sigma Power Systems)
  • SP12-12 (SigmasTek)
  • TR12-12 (Tempest)
  • UB12120 l (Universal Battery)

The UB12120 battery pack comes with a 1-year full replacement warranty.


  • Brand: Universal Battery (Universal Power Group)
  • Model: UB12120 (UB12120 l)
  • Style: AGM
  • Voltage: 36 volts (12 volts each)
  • Capacity: 12 Ah
  • Length: 5.94" each
  • Width: 3.88" each
  • Height: 3.74" each (3.82" to top of tab connectors)
  • Weight: 26.25 lb. (8.75 lb. each)
  • Terminals: F2


  • Boreem Jia 601-S
  • Boreem Jia 602-D
  • Boreem S350
  • Drive Medical ZooMe 3
  • Electra Voy
  • E SCOOTER 36 Volt 350 Watt
  • Freedom 959
  • Mongoose CR36V450
  • Mongoose HG1000
  • Mongoose J3
  • Rad2Go Great White E36
  • Rad2Go Rocket Racer
  • Rad2Go Sunbird
  • Sola 350 Cruiser
  • SunL ES-40
  • SunL SLE-750
  • X-Treme X-360
  • X-Treme X-370
  • X-Treme X-560
  • X-Treme X-600
  • X-Treme X-650
  • X-Treme XA-750 ATV
  • X-Treme XM-500
  • X-Treme XP-700
  • X-Treme XT-300
  • ZAP Pro

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