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UPG: UB Sealed Lead Acid AGM F1 Batteries - UB12260

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 Model Number UB12260
 Voltage 12V
 Capacity 26AH
 Chemistry SLA
 Type AGM
 L 6.57 in (167 mm)
 W 6.89 in (175 mm)
 H 5.04 in (128 mm)
TH 5.04 in (128 mm)
 Tolerances are +/- 0.04 in. (+/- 1mm) and +/- 0.08 in. (+/- 2mm) for height dimensions. All data subject to change without notice


For a PDF specification sheet with further details, please click HERE


PLEASE NOTE: This is 1 (one) battery. Most scooters and wheelchairs require a set of batteries. If one of your batteries is half used and the other is brand new, the device will not function properly.

If you require 2 batteries, please add this product to the cart twice.


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