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Vipamat: Hippocampe Beach & all-terrain Seahorse

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Product Description

All-terrain:  Since 2002, the Hippocampe all-terrain beach wheelchair offers disabled people access to difficult or even impossible terrain in city wheelchairs: beach, swimming, hiking trails, snow-covered trails.

 Autonomous or accompanied: In autonomy or accompanied, thanks to its push bar or the traction kit, the Hippocampe wheelchair will allow you to discover new horizons.

 Comfortable:  The seat is made of a thick and comfortable hydrophobic foam, which does not absorb water and dries quickly. Its comfortable blue or pink sheathed tubes do not heat up in the sun.

 Revolutionary: The Hippocampe all-terrain beach chair is recognized around the world. Its first objective is to make the beaches and nautical activities accessible, it now equips more than 200 beaches in France and abroad.

 Design and adaptable: Its youthful look and modern silhouette will make it your ideal companion, the Hippocampe armchair has also received numerous design awards. It is as comfortable on the beach as on snow and turns into a sliding chair for snow thanks to its front and rear ski kit (optional). 

 Light, foldable and transportable: Its small size, its folding backrest, its removable push bar, its removable wheels and its weight of 17kg making it easily transportable and space-saving to store it at home or in its transport bag (optional).


Made in France, the Hippocampe all-terrain beach wheelchair is made of stainless materials.
The chassis tubes are made of aluminum treated for seawater and covered with a comfort color coating which prevents burns due to exposure to the sun and cold in winter.
The wheel axles and semi-axles are made of stainless steel. The twin wheels are without ball bearings avoiding seizure by oxidation, the outer rim covered with a Grip serves as a handrail for the user.
Its seat (property of Vipamat) is composed of a hydrophobic foam of thickness 3 cm which allows it to be comfortable and to dry quickly thus avoiding the problems of the skin.
The fabric covering the seat is treated against fire as required by CERAH approval for social security coverage.
The removable push bar is easily removed and placed thanks to a system of clips and allows the companions to help the user in his movements.


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