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Vipamat: Hippocampe Swimming Pool Wheelchair - 0002-TS-02-BU

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Product Description

The Vipamat Hippocampe swimming pool wheelchair simplifies the access of disabled and disabled people to aquatic activities at the swimming pool, without using their city wheelchairs and therefore without damaging them.

 The Hippocampe amphibious pool chair has been designed to resist water and can, therefore, be used from the changing rooms, accompany the user in the shower and then help him access the pool by becoming a launching chair.

 With its camber, the Hippocampe pool armchair is easy to handle. Its hydrophobic foam seat provides the comfort necessary to remain seated in a humid area, its low seat allows you to be stable and descend steps or an inclined plane in order to launch.

 The use of the Hippocampe water access chair will avoid hygiene problems related to access to a city wheelchair inside the wetland.

 It meets the requirements of the Handicap law for LES: municipal swimming pool, hotel, thalassotherapy centre, rehabilitation centre, campsite, gîte, guest house.

 The accessibility to public places such as swimming pool with wheelchair Seahorse is, as for accessibility to beaches, an asset to the communities that make this approach.


Swimming is the sport most practised by people with disabilities, it allows the greatest number (from mild to heavy disability) to use their motor skills in weightlessness. Access to disabled pools is possible thanks to our Hippocampe submersible wheelchairs.

 To access the pool using the Hippocampe swimming pool chair, three solutions are possible:

  • Descend by the access slope then climb out of the floating chair.
  • Immobilize the Hippocampe Pool (using the brakes), transfer to the ground at the water's edge then descend into the basin.
  • Or, accompanied by a third person, descend the small steps of the basin to access the water.

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