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Vipamat: Stabilo Seat Confortable Plus Duo - 0050-TS-01

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The STABILO positioning seats allow reinforced support of the child in his armchair, on a chair or in the car. Like all products in the STABILO range, the seats can be easily shaped to the desired shape and are designed to keep it. 



- For people suffering from spasticity, it provides support, comfort and security despite contractures.
- For hypotonic people, it allows a comfortable and correct positioning of the person.
- For patients with scoliosis or kyphosis, it prevents or limits the deformation of the spine.
- For people with little or no head control, it allows you to shape a headrest.


- The combination of the seat and the backrest creates a complete self-supporting seat.

It is a solution to stabilize the pelvis.
- The integrated headrest helps to maintain the correct head position.
- The trunk supports keep patients with scoliosis or deformities of the trunk.


-In addition to the wheelchair.
-In addition to other seats (chair, armchair ...).
-It can be used in the house or outside.
-The integrated headrest helps to maintain the correct head position.
-As a mattress to lie down or be semi-seated.
-As a bath seat.
-As a booster in a vehicle.


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