Whill Ultra-Portable

Whill Ultra-Portable

  • Model No. Model Ci

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Model Ci

Freedom to pursue your adventures in style

Discover newfound freedom and desire to further explore and engage in the things you love.

From outdoor adventures to indoor activities, Model Ci will complement your every move.


  • Short Wheelbase
  • Narrow Frame
  • Responsive Controls
  • Tight Turns


  • Up to 5 MPH
  • 10 Mile Range
  • Superb Stability & Durability
  • 2” Obstacle Clearance

Whill Model Ci is not to be considered a medical device and has not been submitted to the Food and Drug Administration for review or clearance.

Big Advantages In A Compact Frame

Drive across town and into your local cafe with the greatest confidence knowing Model Ci will easily power over the terrain ahead and comfortably fit into any environment.

Maneuver through tighter spaces with a significantly smaller footprint than traditional power mobility devices.

Navigate close quarters with a 45%
smaller turning radius than tiller controlled mobility devices.

Travel unhindered over rough terrain with a 2.25” ground clearance.

Effortlessly climb over obstacles up to 2” in height with its two powerful motors and large front omni-wheels.

Go Out and Adventure!

Live unpredictably and go where your heart desires with Model Ci’s outdoor versatility, speed, long range and ability to quickly disassemble to transport in any car.


  • Front Drive Base (33 LB)
  • Rear Drive Base (42 LB*)
  • Seat Assembly (31 LB**)
  • Without battery. The battery weighs: 6 LB
  • Seat Assembly: 16
  • seat width: 31 LB / 18″
  • seat width: 33 LB

The Latest Technology at Your Fingertips

Enjoy greater peace-of-mind and independence, and receive premium support with the embedded intelligent innovations, such as the very latest in Bluetooth controls and 3G connectivity.

Use the iPhone and Android* app to remotely drive Model Ci, lock/unlock to keep it secure, and choose a drive mode that’s right for you.

Also, access key device information and battery health to ensure your Model Ci is operating at its best.

  • Charge your mobile devices with the built-in USB port.
  • Lock/Unlock with the optional Smart Key.

Find Your Perfect Style

The following colors are available to match your personal style and to enhance your active lifestyle.

  • White
  • Gold
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Navy

    Safe & Secure

    A responsive, ergonomic, and simple to use controller allows you to navigate your world effortlessly and enjoy all-day comfort. Keep engaged in your activities and embrace your surroundings by knowing Model Ci will provide the necessary response and feedback to keep you riding safe.

    • The ergonomic controller provides all-day comfort.
    • Device power, 4-speed settings, safety horn and battery life indicator easily in reach.
    • Voice notifications alert you when Model Ci encounters operational errors.
    • Footplate folds up, and arms easily rotate out of the way for easy access and barrier-free use at tables.
    • Electromagnetic brakes provide smooth and safe stopping, even on inclines.
    • The anti-sway feature helps keep the device driving in a straight line on side slopes.

    The Right Fit

    • Model Ci can be easily adjusted from the seat depth and height to the controller position (right or left drive), to fit
    • you and create a comfortable driving experience.