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Aging seniors or those with compromised mobility often turn to heavy-duty bariatric wheelchairs to move around. These strong and robust high weight capacity wheelchairs feature a thick chassis and frame that’s built to last many decades. 

With such solid exteriors and frames made from the highest quality materials, our heavy-duty power wheelchairs are one of the best investments you can ever make – even if you’re not a very heavyset individual. 

Mobility shouldn’t have to be a struggle with the onset of age or even if you’ve had yours compromised due to an illness or accident. Our bariatric power wheelchairs from household US brands like Merits, Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility, to name a few, will undoubtedly prove to be a worthy companion, irrespective of your body type. 

High weight capacity wheelchairs, however, are particularly useful for those who suffer from morbid obesity or for those who find it difficult to move around freely due to having a significantly larger than normal body type. Not only do they make moving around effortless in confined spaces but they also help with moving on outdoor terrain that may be uneven or inclined to a reasonable degree. 

While the majority of heavy-duty power wheelchairs boast a robust and “heavy-duty” frame to carry heavy set individuals over a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces – there are also a select few models that are portable as they can easily be disassembled into a few lightweight pieces and be taken with you wherever you go. The $3,579 Pride Portable Jazzy Elite ES, in this case, is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a bariatric power wheelchair that is reasonably powerful, but also transportable. The front-wheel drive system provides for a stable ride and sharp turns indoors. 

Despite its compact design and portability, the Jazzy Elite ES can withstand a maximum weight of 300 lbs. with a driving range of 11 miles. 

If you’re looking to invest in something on the opposite end of the spectrum, then the $4,499 Jazzy 1450 Power Chair with its impressive 600 lbs. weight capacity and 12 mile maximum travel range after a single battery charge is worth considering. The 1450 bariatric power wheelchair by Pride Mobility has been custom-designed to meet a variety of user demands and lifestyles. Not only are the Jazzy bariatric wheelchairs known for their high traction and robust features, but also high performance motor components and heavy duty construction – offering superior maneuvering indoors and outdoors. 

The extra solid and sturdy captain’s seat provides plenty of comfort no matter how large or heavy you may be. These chairs were built to last and provide the most pleasant mobility experience for bariatric individuals. 

Why Buy a Heavy-Duty Power Wheelchair?

Heavy-duty wheelchairs are perfect for bariatric patients who require extraordinary stamina and strength to cover short and long distances. The bariatric power wheelchairs at Scooters’N’Chairs are capable of supporting a weight of anywhere between 300 lbs. and 600 lbs. 

In addition, our heavy duty power wheelchair range are all designed by top household US manufacturers who put stability, ease-of-use, comfort and a robust design above everything else.  

With average weight capacities of 400-500 lbs., our range of heavy-duty power wheelchairs are strong and sturdy enough to accommodate users of all sizes. In contrast with lighter powerchairs that often have foldable or portable components, high weight capacity wheelchairs generally feature more powerful drive motors, increased torque, larger wheels and longer frames. And while a regular power wheelchair may be unsuitable for traversing rough landscapes, a bariatric power wheelchair is designed from the ground up to negotiate the most challenging of landscapes. 

At Scooters ’N Chairs, we offer a superb lineup of high weight capacity wheelchairs from only the most sought after US manufacturers. Most models in our collection can be accessorized to help ensure that you get the maximum riding pleasure and ergonomic comfort out of your power wheelchair. 

Advantages of a Heavy-Duty Wheelchair vs. Regular Power Wheelchairs

Since most heavy-duty power wheelchairs are not portable, they feature robust and heavy-duty steel tubing frames, with the relatively heavier models featuring steel bars. They also feature reinforced welds while the heavier and powerful motors offer significantly more torque, allowing bariatric patients to travel over almost all surfaces with ease. 

Other attributes that make heavy duty wheelchairs significantly superior include:

Larger Batteries and Higher Performance

Since this variety of power wheelchairs are intended to be put under heavy use and at times, power up multiple components of the wheelchair, they come with heavy duty batteries. Owing to these more powerful batteries, users can expect to cover broad ranging distances anywhere between 11 and 32 miles on a single charge. 

Owing to the powerful, high-torque motors, no matter how heavy the individual may be, heavy-duty wheelchairs offer smooth acceleration and top speeds that range between 3.5 mph and 5 mph. 

Larger and Roomier Seats

Seat frames come in a variety of sizes from approximately 20” in height to 28” in width, as well as between 18” and 28” in depth. Given the nature of these heavy duty wheelchairs, you can be rest assured that the seat frame will be constructed to meet the demands of users weighing 500 lbs. or more. 

Some models even feature a reclining and elevating seat for the best comfort level. 

Turning Radius

If you’ve never heard the term, then turning radius simply refers to the space (in inches) that the power wheelchair requires to make a complete circle while turning. Therefore, the smaller the turning radius, the more maneuverable your heavy-duty wheelchair. 

There are a number of factors that govern the turning radius of a high weight capacity power wheelchair. For example, apart from seat width and frame length, we must also take into account how far the footrests extend over the front/rear of the chassis. The seat position and size along with the type of footrest can all affect a bariatric power wheelchair’s turning radius. 

The Compass Sport Power Wheelchair by Golden Technologies, for example, boasts a reasonably good turning radius of 50” – meaning that if a space measures more than 50” across, you can easily make a U-turn in your power wheelchair. 

The lightweight Drive Medical Trident front-wheel driven heavy-duty wheelchair, however, features an astonishing 24” turning radius and is also capable of easily negotiating platforms or surfaces that are raised by 7.5°.

High Weight Capacities

Folks call them “high weight capacity power wheelchairs” for a mighty good reason – with the smaller and somewhat lighter models having the ability to withstand a weight of 300 lbs., the larger models are capable of easily withstanding over 600 lbs. 

Heavier individuals will never have to worry about riding their heavy-duty power wheelchair over raised surfaces or uneven outdoor terrain, and seeing stability or performance compromised as a result.

Picking the Right Heavy-Duty Power Wheelchair

If the choices seem too overwhelming or you’re generally having trouble picking the right heavy-duty wheelchair to meet your needs, then we can certainly offer some insights to put you on track. 

Choosing the right model for yourself largely depends on its intended use. For instance, if you think that you’ll be using your high weight capacity wheelchair indoors mostly, then the Jazzy 614HD Bariatric Powerchair is a solid choice. 

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg as other factors need to be weighed in as well. When we talk about power wheelchairs for obese individuals, the next thing you want to look at is your own bodyweight or the bodyweight of the person you’re purchasing it for. Seems simple enough, right? Well, it is!

One look at the detailed specifications sheet for each model, and you’ll instantly know if the heavy-duty wheelchair will be able to withstand the intended user’s weight. For bariatric patients, we would recommend going for a power wheelchair that can withstand between 400 lbs. to 600 lbs. The Merits Atlantis priced at $4,232 can withstand a weight of up to 600 lbs. Not only that, but the heavy duty motors have been built to negotiate inclined surfaces up to 10°, while the extra-large 12V Group 24 batteries can help users cover a travel distance of up to 32 miles without any hiccups. 

Heavy-duty power wheelchairs are typically usable in both indoor and outdoor areas. With that said, if you plan to use yours mostly indoors, then you’d definitely want to consider getting a model that boasts a turning radius of between 22” and 35”. The Jazzy Elite 14 by Pride Mobility, priced at $3,529, boasts some of the best turning radiuses in the bariatric power wheelchair market: 24”. It is also a lightweight model with its heaviest piece weighing in at 89 lbs., which makes it quite appropriate for indoor use.

You’ll notice when comparing specification sheets between a variety of models that the heavier, more powerful models are capable of going over inclined surfaces between 7.5° and 10° with ease, as well as negotiating all kinds of outdoor terrain – however, they feature much higher turning radiuses in the 45-55” range. 

Next, you’d want to understand how the suspension of the model you’re interested in might affect the overall experience. Most bariatric power wheelchairs have a robust suspension that provide the extra cushioning required to offer a smooth ride, but they can still provide the speed and sometimes, the nimbleness of lighter weight models. 

Keep in mind that the general rule of thumb when picking a model with adequate cushioning is to determine what weight capacity it can support. If you weigh, say, around 300 lbs. then ideally, you’d want to buy a heavy-duty wheelchair that is capable of supporting 350-400 lbs. This ensures that you have more than adequate cushioning when riding your specific model indoors or outdoors. 

To give you a better idea of how any two models might stack up against each other, let’s take the Jazzy 1450 electric wheelchair and the Jazzy 614 heavy-duty bariatric wheelchair. Both are manufactured by the highly sought after Pride Mobility brand name – one that users across the nation fondly identify with quality, reliability and performance. 

One look at the reviews the Jazzy 1450 has received, and there’s no denying what an excellent contender it has been all these years. This is a quality heavy-duty power wheelchair that is known for its ergonomic comfort and travel distance. The roomy captain’s seat alone is something users can’t stop praising. Given its maximum 600 lbs. weight capacity, it is one of the most commonly used power wheelchairs by bariatric patients today. 

Rave customer reviews and high product satisfaction ratings aside, the 4-wheel heavy-duty wheelchair is capable of safely maneuvering over multiple surfaces – which may not always be the case with other models under the $5,000 price tag. 

Another heavy-duty powerchair commonly bought by bariatric users is the Jazzy 614HD variant – an electric wheelchair that can perform just as well outdoors as it does indoors, while having a maximum weight capacity of 450 lbs. It comes with a large mid-wheel powertrain, with four supporting wheels for added stability and a suspension that is as robust and well-built as the Jazzy 1450. However, the one thing it offers over the former is its low 22.75” turning radius – versus the 26.50” turning radius of the Jazzy 1450. 

This is fantastic for indoor maneuvering while the varying seat widths, between 18” and 24”, ensures that you are always nicely snuggled in, no matter how much traveling you need to do. 

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, if you’re looking for some of the best quality and longest lasting power wheelchairs for overweight individuals, you really need not look any further than Scooters 'N Chairs. All the products that we feature are covered under a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty and we offer the best prices you’ll find anywhere on the web. 

If you have any questions around features, specs, shipping or warranties, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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