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Need a 2-Seater Disability Scooter in 2021? Here's Your Definitive Guide

2-seater mobility scooter with elderly couple at park

Disability Scooters are not what they used to be. People would marvel at the ability of homemade devices to use electricity and wheels to change the lives of just a single patient, let alone two people at once. No longer. With the huge increase of top-quality innovations in the mobility market, patients have come to expect professional devices that are highly adapted and well designed for their situation.

2-people on mobility scooter at the beach

There's no longer any reason to stay stuck with your bread-and-butter simple scooter. While two-person wheelchairs are virtually nonexistent, two-seat scooters are out there on the market and are a perfect example of thinking out the box and benefiting from the new mobility options that have recently become available.

What is a 2-person mobility scooter?

Two-person scooters allow a pair of passengers to ride one mobility vehicle at one time, by increasing the seating space from 1 to 2 seats. Before we go any further, we need to make a distinction between two different variants of dual passenger scooters available on the market. The first kind are two seat scooters where both passengers sit side by side on a seat that's wide enough to accommodate 2 passengers (see figure 1 below). You can think of this seat as a large bench. The second configuration has one passenger behind the other in a linear seating arrangement (see figure 2 below). Here you may find the two seats differ in comfort and size

Side-by-side wider seat mobility scooter for 2 passengers Figure 1
Linear arrangement 2-seat mobility scooter Figure 2
Figure 1
Figure 2

Who needs a two seater scooter and why buy one?

There could be several cases where a two seater mobility device could come in handy, here are the most popular ones.

Note that when discussing advantages and disadvantages, it is important to consider what your alternative would be to a double passenger unit. Would it be just getting a single seater?

Or would you get two separate mobility scooters? The points below will address both scenarios and further on we have two tables helping you see the advantages and disadvantages for each scenario.

Allowing a similarly disabled spouse or close friend to join you wherever you go

Nobody wants to leave someone close to them behind as they go out and have fun. The alternative - getting a vehicle for each person can be costly and a double seat mobility scooter can save you the cost of buying a mobility vehicle each. You’ll also save costs on wear and tear and electricity, as you won't be wearing out two machines and will benefit from the economies of scale.

For elderly people to whom loneliness is a growing problem, this point can be a life changer.

Elderly couple enjoying company of each other

Riding with a pet.

With pets quickly stepping in to help with loneliness that many disabled and elderly people face every day, you'll often see dogs, cats and even other pets enjoying their daily spin on their owners' powered vehicles.

Some might put their pets between their feet, though this can minimize legroom and cause discomfort. By contrast, a double seat mobility scooter allows you enough seating room for you and your pet, often even enough for one on either side!

Pets can be incredibly important to elderly people, so this can be an every important reason to consider, as the video below shows.

Enabling you to enjoy quality time with a loved one that would otherwise not be comfortable using a mobility device.

It is often the case that one spouse is unable to walk and needs a powered device where the other spouse is perfectly fine on their feet.

Dog on mobility scooter

In such cases, it may be uncomfortable for the second partner to use a device meant for disabled people.
Check out this video that describes what its like for two people living together, one able bodied and one disabled:

Take Lucy's case

"When Dave came home from military service with a severe injury in his left leg, we wanted to do everything to give him a normal life.
A high-performance mobility scooter was up there on the list but there was no way I wanted to ride one of those and I didn't want to be chasing Dave by foot as he sped along on his scooter.
We found a super cool balance in a scooter that can take 2 passengers. Dave usually drives and I enjoy, but I have to admit having this scooter has an icebreaker has allowed me to get used to the idea of driving it myself!"

You like having extra room

Whether you are over average in size, or just like having an extra roomy, non-claustrophobic feeling, a two seat electric scooter can help you feel free and unrestrained. However, this would only be the case with side-by-side 2-seaters, not two seats one behind the other.

Should I get a dual seater handicap scooter because they are stronger or give higher performance?

It is commonly believed that two seater scooters for sale are automatically suitable for obese individuals the logic being that one heavy person produces the same load as two average people. Though there may be some truth to this, and double seater scooters are built to be more rugged than single seat models, the truth is trickier.

For a start, double seaters that have one seat behind the other were designed to have bear load that is spread out linearly. One very heavy person straining one particular area of the scooter is absolutely not the same as two lighter passengers spreading their weight over two separate positions.

Overweight patient on mobility scooter

What about side-by-side models for 2? Do they support more weight? Many such 2 seater mobility scooters for sale actually come in with a dual seat or single seat option, with the base and frame remaining exactly the same. This means if you’re overweight but still prefer a single seat, you may not be gaining any chassis or frame strength merely by getting a 2 seater – the scooter strength is exactly the same regardless of the seat.

As a rule of thumb, don’t assume anything based on dual seat capability – check the actual scooter specifications and ask your dealer whether the way you intend to use you scooter is safe and appropriate.

2 seater disability scooters do generally come with more powerful motors and stronger frames etc, but it’s a misleading idea that if you’re shopping for a higher performance scooter you should look for a scooter with seats for 2.

Yes, the two may overlap, but it would be foolish to get a 2-passenger model when all you need is higher performance. If a stronger frame, higher weight capacity or stronger motor is all you need, look for scooters rated specifically for these qualities, and judge scooters by their own merits. Making assumptions about specifications based on seeing two seats, and even worse, inconveniencing yourself with a second seat where you don’t really need it is not something we advise at all.

Disadvantages of 2 seat disability scooters

Are there any reasons to consider not buying a dual-seat mobility device? We like to be honest with our customers and not pretend there are only advantages to any given product. Here are a few disadvantages to consider:

Cost of dual mobility scooters

Cost. Let’s face it, scooters for two are more expensive than single seaters. That said, double seated scooters are often a cheaper solution than buying two separate mobility scooters. They may also offer a large seat at a better price than deluxe scooters which come with many extra frills.

Slightly harder to control and less stable. Whatever the configuration, propelling two people will always be more difficult than handing just one. If you find steering a single seat scooter enough of a challenge, think carefully about steering two bodies. Even side-by-side scooters will be somewhat less stable than the equivalent single seater model – this is inevitable when you have two people placed on either side of the scooter as opposed to one right on its center. All our scooters are FDA certified and this isn’t to say 2-Seat scooters aren’t safe, stable devices. This is all in realative comparison to single seat scooters which are even more stable.

Tipping mobility scooter, less stable

Reduced battery range. As well as the extra weight of a seat, your battery will often be providing power to move two people along instead of one. This means you’ll run out of juice far quicker than you would on a single seater and won’t be able to take your scooter as far on a single charge.
Manufacturers are aware of this and often design 2-seat scooters with larger batteries to accommodate, but the bottom line is you’ll most likely still end up with less range.

Mobility scooter batteries compatible with dual seaters
Worn mobility scooter tire of 2-seater

Wear and tear. With not far from double usage and double load, comes a lot more strain on your scooter including on the motor, tires and batteries which will have to be maintained or replaced almost approximately 1.5 times as often.

Larger storage space need. Be sure to check where you intend to store your scooter. Dual seaters are always larger in at least one dimension, so get the overall length and width of your model and make sure you have the space to store it.

Dual Mobility scooter storage garage
Two people touching on bench style dual mobility scooter


Personal boundaries.

You might be in a situation where if you get a scooter with 2 seats, expectations will come along with it. As soon as you have a “spare” seat, family, friends or acquaintances may “expect” you to give them a ride when they want one. While you would probably be happy doing so much of the time, there are times when people need their privacy, and this is especially true for disabled and elderly people. Consider whether getting this type of scooter for the elderly would put you in situations you’d rather not get into.

Summary of advantages and disadvantages of dual seat vs. single seat mobility scooters

To make things easily understood, lets create a table pitting single seaters against dual ]seaters so it’s easy to see the advantages and disadvantages.

Single Seat Dual Seat
Extra rider
Budget prices
Space for pets
Easy control
Extra stability
Non-disabled feel comfortable
Personal boundaries
Cheap maintenance

Summary of advantages and disadvantages of dual seat vs. buying 2 separate senior scooters

Now let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of getting a two person electric scooter vs. getting two separate scooters in the chart above.

Single Seat Dual Seat
Extra rider
Budget prices
Space for pets
Easy control
Extra stability
Non-disabled feel comfortable
Personal boundaries
Cheap maintenance

Which kind of dual-seater mobility scooter is best for me, side by side or front & back?

Okay. We’ve identified the reasons a scooter for 2 would enhance your life, now for the fun part! Let’s consider whether you should go for a side-by-side model or a one-seat-behind-the-other.

Which dual-seats are more comfortable?

Consideration number one is comfort. Generally, side-by-side 2-passenger scooters offer more comfortable, higher backed and better padded seats for both passengers. Seat-behind-seat usually have less comfortable, more basic seats, with one the secondary seat sometimes being even more basic than the primary seat.

Standard seat on 2-passenger scooterFigure 1
Captain seat on dual mobility scooter Figure 2
Figure 1
Figure 2

If your aim is to be joined by another person on your rides, ask yourself how large they are and whether they need a nice padded seat or could do with a basic seat.

On the other hand, there is an element in discomfort when driving a side-by-side 2 seat scooter with another passenger to your side in that the controls are not directly in front of the driver, as each passenger is to the side of the tiller where the controls are bang in the middle. This means the driver would have to tilt slightly as they drive, which some (especially people with existing back conditions) may find inconvenient, particularly if the plan on using their device for prolonged periods of time.

By looking at such a model head-on, it’s easy to see how the steering tiller sits between both passengers

dual seat mobility scooter with tiller between both seats

As Tom W. put it:
"Angie, my Golden Retriever accompanies me literally everywhere, definitely on scooter runs. Way back I had a large scooter with a bench and had Angie sit beside me but with my back problems I found that wasn’t a good idea - I was leaning slightly to reach the throttle. Now I got a scooter with another seat behind me where I put Angie and it’s a blessing”

Dual-seats and privacy

Some customers want to be able to give friends or acquaintances rides on their scooter but aren’t quite want to be pressed against them. If you or the people who will join you are overweight, this might cause privacy concerns and invasions of personal space when sitting together on one bench for two. Though designed to fit two riders, there is no physical barrier between the two seats, and this could lead to uncomfortable situations.
If this is a concern, we recommend getting a 2-person scooter with a rear and front seat so that everyone remains happy and no uncomfortable situations develop.

Dual-seater scooters and pets

From the perspective of the wellbeing of your pet, a side by side bench is advised as this allows you to monitor and take care of your pet as you ride. Seat-behind-seat scooters are also more prone to tipping to either side which creates a danger of your pet falling out of the scooter.
From the perspective of the wellbeing of your pet, a side by side bench is advised as this allows you to monitor and take care of your pet as you ride. Seat-behind-seat scooters are also more prone to tipping to either side which creates a danger of your pet falling out of the scooter.

Which type of two-seater mobility scooter is more stable?

When it comes to stability, two-seat bench disability scooters are the clear winners. As mentioned above, they might not be quite as stable as single seat models, but they aren’t very far from that level of stability. These scooters also almost always either come exclusively as 4-wheel models, or have that option available, which largely enhances stability.
By contrast, seat-behind-seaters often come available only as 3-wheelers meaning although FDA tested to be absolutely safe, they have relatively less stability.
Another factor reinforcing this difference is the centre of gravity of each configuration. While side-by-side models have a their mass spread out in more of a cube-like shape, seat-behind-seat scooters have an elongated spread of mass meaning the scooter finds it far easier to tip from side to side.

Will a scooter that accommodates 2 passengers fit in my house/garage?

Here’s another difference between the two kinds of two- seat scooters. 2-Seat bench scooters will be wider than single seat scooters, potentially posing problems getting through narrow spaces such as doorways. Though average single seaters have widths in the range of 22" 25”, side by side dual seaters can measure in excess of 37”. Standard US front doors measure 36” which means you might have issues getting your scooter into your home. ADA approved interior doors only need to measure measure 32”, so if you plan on navigating through small clinics or the like that are likely to only conform to the minimum door widths, you may run into a problem.
The issue above wouldn’t apply to wouldn’t apply narrow seat behind seat scooters, however, they can be pretty long, so make sure you have that kind of space in your garage if you intend to buy one
Summary of advantages/disadvantages of side-by-side vs seat-behind-seat double seat scooters
Let’s put the above information in a concise format so you can immediately see which two seater configuration is for you:

Side-by-side Seat-behind-seat
Extra rider
Great for pets
Easy control
Extra stability
Personal boundaries
Narrow overall width

The 4 Best Dual Seat Mobility Scooters to buy in 2021

After reading all the above, we hope you are now an informed customer and have made your decision about which kind of scooter is the one for you. Get ready for our 4 absolutely top 2-seater models we’re sure you’ll adore and which will turn your 2021 dual seat mobility experience into the very best it can be.

Afiscooter S 4-wheel with dual seat

 Price: $4539.00   Buy Now


Afikim produces scooters that are very strong and useful. That’s a great advantage to dual-seat scooters where you want as much extra strength and stability you can possibly get. The Afikim Afiscooter S double seater scooter is the same as its single seat sister, with a 33” wide side-by-side “bench” seat that can comfortably fit two average-sized passengers. This means it is very versatile in that it can easily be transformed from a dual-seater to a scooter for one passenger.

Dual seat Afiscooter S3

The wider seat is available on both the 3-wheel and 4-wheel model though you might prefer the latter for extra stability when riding with 2 users. Comfort is a major standout of this scooter. You get an orthopedic full back captain seat for two people and a full suspension that gives each rider great stability and a relaxing ride. Many people even use the Afiscooter S as a kind of off-road scooter for moderate off trail use, and it doesn’t disappoint!

Dual seat Afiscooter with rain sides and roof

This scooter has won the popular Red Dot Design Award for its superb roof so you can be confident Afikim know how to design and that when you buy one of their dual seaters, you are buying a quality product. The roof on the dual seater is designed wider to cover two people as well as it covers one, see the images below.

Dual-seat Afiscooter S4 with canopy

Here is a video of the Afiscooter S in the single seat version, just to get an idea of the actual scooter which is the same apart from the seat: .

The Afikim Afiscooter S provides a traveling experience that can take you as far as 28 miles on a single charge. It has a very ergonomic build and features an state-of-the-art LCD control panel. These are just a few of the Afiscooter S’ awesome features. Check out the rest of them on their various product pages.


Afikim: Afiscooter SE with Dual Seat Option

Price: $4131   Buy Now

Here is a video of the Afiscooter SE in the single seat version, just to get an idea of the actual scooter which is the same apart from the seat:

Figure 1
Afiscooter SE with 2-Passenger benchFigure 2
Figure 1
Figure 2

Another sturdy, reliable, “bench” style seat with space for 2, the Afiscooter SE with 2-Seat Option is a superb choice for buyers who are shopping for a scooter for the disabled that accommodates two passengers. This scooter has a super powerful 1300-Watt motor and a weight capacity of 550 lbs, so rest assured it can deal with all the stress two people put on the scooter.

The seat here is 33” wide, just like the Afiscooter S Series, though this is literally a wide bench, unlike the S Series which is more like two captain seats fused together. You can also purchase an extra single seat to instantly turn your scooter into a one seater.

Afiscooter SE with dual bench switched for single seat

With 75 Ah batteries, this retro looking beauty can travel for up to 15 miles on a full charge. The frame of this scooter is built with quality but also luxury in mind – note the full rear and front suspension.

The SE scooter comes with a big storage basket at the rear, with an option for an even stronger open rear storage box that can take higher loads and looks super sharp. See figure 1 and figure 2 for the difference between the two.

Afiscooter SE with extra solid rear storage areaFigure 1
Afiscooter SE standard rear basketFigure 2
Figure 1
Figure 2

The maximum speed on the SE is 7.5 mph and the weight capacity is 550 lbs giving you an average of 225 lbs per passenger.
As well as these impressive specs, this unit is designed with a unique look borrowed from the motorcycle industry that is sure to catch everyone’s attention a make a statement. It is great for use on paved, gated communities but also at resorts, golf courses and on trails.

Figure 1
EW-88 Dual Seat Mobility Scooter in redFigure 2
Figure 1
Figure 2

The EWheels EW-88 is a luxurious and comfortable 2-seater scooter for disabled people. The configuration is two captain seats side-by-side with an overall seat width of 31”, giving each passenger an average of 15.5”. This might be too little for some users, so if you want 2 large passengers to fit on your dual seater, the Afiscooter above would be better choices.

One thing you are sure to get is a riding experience that is hard to beat. It also has an incredible driving range of 37 miles on a single full charge.
With a weight capacity of 575 pounds, a super sturdy construction design and a brushless motor pumping 1200 Watts, this scooter is more than capable of handling 2 individuals who are of an above average size .

EW-88 with clear view of dual seat widthFigure 1
EW-88 2-Seat Scooter with 2 average passengers on board Figure 2
Figure 1
Figure 2

For a large two-seat vehicle, the EW-88 is relatively easy to handle in tight spots with a turning radius of 62”. Comfort is guaranteed with the E-Wheels EW-88 because it has front and rear suspensions as well as adjustable armrests. This also makes it a great scooter for rocky terrain.

EWheels are the masters of perks. With this scooter you get a full lighting package with turn signals and brake lights, electromagnetic safety brakes, a speed reduction/increase dial a lockable storage area and a charming front basket.

Lockable storage area of EW-88

Additionally, the EW-88 has an anti-rollback safety system which is a welcome feature for a dual seat scooter where the heavier load can increase the risk of rollback.

Figure 1
EW-66 Two-Seat Mobility ScooterFigure 2
Figure 1
Figure 2

Another great scooter that has seats two is the EW-66 also by EWheels. This unit can handle a maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs which is the highest on our list, making it more than capable of handling two passengers.
The EW-66 has a 700-Watt motor, which is less than average for dual seat models, but still manages to pack enough power to do what you want it to do for two average weight passengers.
The configuration here is one seat behind the other, not side by side. We like to look at this as the fun setup, just image the grandkids’ faces as you speed them along behind you. However, the trade for this are seats which though comfortable, aren’t captain or extra luxury seats.
In fact, the rear seat on the EW-66 is more comfortable than the drivers seat. So if you want the fun of riding this toy with the wind in your hair, make sure you’re satisfied with the standard front seat. .

: Front standard seat of EW-66 Two-Seat Mobility ScooterFigure 1
Rear, more comfortable seat of EW-66 Two-Seat Mobility ScooterFigure 2
Figure 1
Figure 2

This is our only dual-seater 3-wheel pick and that comes with the advantages of 3-wheelers (turning radius of 50”), along with the disadvantages - slightly less stability. With an elongated footprint due to 2 seat one behind the other, keeping the scooter from tilting may be more of a challenge to people who have balance issues.

The E-Wheels EW-66 has some great specs. It has a top speed of 15 mph, can travel up to 35 miles on a fully charged battery. It also comes with electromagnet brakes fitted on which makes your braking experience more comfortable than on other scooters for handicapped people.

Not to mention the high-end features- a speed control dial to prevent you from going at a speed higher than what you desire, a rest-at-ease anti-theft alarm system for when you aren’t on your scooter. it comes with electromagnet brakes fitted on which makes your braking experience more comfortable than on other devices. The EW-66 also comes with a backseat storage compartment and a storage basket on the rear of the scooter. .

Control panel of EW-66 Two-Seat Mobility ScooterFigure 1
Backseat storage compartment on EW-66 dual seat scooterFigure 2
Figure 1
Figure 2

Summary of 4 best dual seat scooters compared

Afiscooter S Afiscooter SE EW-66 EW-88
Side-by-Side dual seat
Comfortable seats
Great for pets
Easy control
Extra stability
Personal boundaries
Narrow overall width
Extra features
Extra powerful motor

Why buy your dual seat scooter from Scooters N Chairs?

You might be wondering where to get your disability device from. Perhaps you’ve seen a used dual seat mobility scooter on sites like eBay or Amazon or you might have seen the same model on an unfamiliar-looking site that offers suspiciously low prices and a slew of a accessories to go with your scooter.

Here’s why it’s worth your while shopping with us for dual seat mobility scooters

  • 100% Norton shopping money back guarantee on all purchases. You can rest assured you aren’t getting a deal that isn’t “too good to be true”, only to realize some kind of dishonesty was involved

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    Friendly customer service
  • We are an authorised dealer on all for all the brands we sell, and this is something you as the customer can verify by contacting any of the manufacturers we deal with. This means your warranty is covered directly by the brand of your product and you have a full second recourse should there be reason we are unable to help.

    : Authorised dealer logo
  • All are products are brand new and so you are under full warranty coverage in case anything goes wrong. This minimizes the risks involved in getting used dual seat models where you may discover issues after purchase at which point have little recourse to claim your money back or get your device fixed.

    Brand new
  • Our items are shipped directly out of our partner manufacturers’ warehouses. This means they have never been used as showroom items and only travel one travel one journey between the manufacturer and your home, unlike showroom stores where your scooter may have first travelled to the showroom, and then to your home, increasing the likelihood of travel damage

    Shipping from factories
  • We only deal with US-based brands meaning there is someone there to promptly answer our concerns or yours. This also means all our products are shipped from US warehouses, using US carriers, meaning shorter delivery times and more professional US customer service.

    US companies
  • We offer the lowest prices any dealer can legally charge on the vast majority of products. We don’t charge sales taxes in any state (GA excluded) and have free delivery for all orders above $99. This means that most of the time, the prices you see on our website are out-of-the-door prices, and the lowest you will find anywhere.

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