Afiscooter S3

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The Best 3 Wheel Outdoor, Heavy-Duty Mobility Scooter

 Afiscooter S3  3 wheel mobility scooter has an extremely small turning radius with maximum maneuverability. This heavy-duty, spacious and luxurious mobility scooter can handle traversable terrain with exceptional stability and uncompromising comfort.

A luxurious, orthopedic, and remarkably conformable single seat, designed for easy boarding and convenient driving (20’’ standard width also available at 22’’ and 24’’).

With its Red Dot Design winning award, Afiscooter S3  was made to maximize the protection and safety of the driver.


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Extended Details

Afiscooter S3 - Single
Afiscooter S3
Warranty & Returns
Overall Length
155cm (61")
Overall Width - Standard Wheels
68cm (27")
Overall Width - Golf Tires
88cm (35")
Overall Height - No Canopy
125cm (49")
Overall Height - with Canopy
164cm (65")
Ground Clearance
12.5cm (5")
Weight - with Batteries
153kg (337lb)
Weight - No Batteries
106kg (234lb)
Weight - Canopy
+15kg (33lb)
Weight - Wide Wheels
+12kg (26lb)
Weight Capacity Including Driver
200kg (450lb)
Travel Range
55-60km (36-38m)
Maximum Speed
10-15Kph (6.2-9.3mph)*
Max Climbing Angle
8º (15%) 15Kph, 11º (20%) 12Kph
Turning Radius
143cm (56")
Seating Width
51cm (20")
Tire Type
Pneumatic (1.7bar)
Tire Size - Front
Tire Size - Rear
Battery Type x2
12V 105Ah, Max.
Rear Wheel Drive Power Unit
24V DC motor | 1,400W
Controller Type
SD 140A
Charger Type