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The Best Power Wheelchairs for Outdoor Use | All Terrain Wheelchairs

The Best Power Wheelchairs for Outdoor Use in 2021

Top Seller
Merits Gemini
Merits Gemini
Top Seller
Jazzy 614 HD Power Chair
Jazzy 614 HD Electric All Terrain Wheelchair
Top Seller
FreeRider Apollo FreeRider
FreeRider Apollo FreeRider

Introduction to Power Wheelchairs For Outdoor Use

Those suffering from joint and mobility problems either due to age or a debilitating illness or accident often find walking sticks, canes and manual wheelchairs far too demanding to use. In this case, to say that an outdoor wheelchair in heavy duty for such folks is a blessing, would be a bit of an understatement.

The best power wheelchairs for outdoor use are driven by a compact electric motor and battery system and controlled by a small joystick, has been the norm for years now – helping the elderly and people with disabilities move around freely over a variety of outdoor terrain. Time and time again, all terrain wheelchairs have proven to be an incredibly valuable investment, restoring people’s freedom and helping them preserve their wellbeing.

If you happen to be in the market for a high quality all terrain wheelchair electric wheelchair that can handle the outdoors, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. At Scooters ’N Chairs, we offer a comprehensive range of all terrain electric wheelchairs, from signature US brands including Merits, Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility.

The Merits Gemini all terrain wheelchair is among the best power wheelchairs for outdoor use and one of the top designed machines on the market today. With a uniquely designed suspension system and maximum maneuverability, there is nowhere you will need to go, that this chair will not take you in supreme comfort.

Tight spaces will not longer be a problem when you own the Merits Gemini. This all terrain power wheelchair features an ultra-tight 21” turning radius so even the smallest of spaces is no match for your ability to move. Additionally, while you are traveling around town and beyond, riders enjoy supreme comfort with the option to add a fully adjustable power elevating seat that enhances your ability to remain comfortable and stand up from the chair with ease.

The Merits Gemini was designed with the adventure seeker in mind, so the chair has been adapted to more rugged terrain with a full 4” ground clearance you will come to appreciate while out in the great outdoors.

However the Merits Gemini all terrain wheelchair is also designed for your everyday user and comes with fully programmable control options with a wide range of selection components, so you can have the exact specifications you require for your ultimate mobility needs. The Merits Gemini also maintains a fully adjustable seat, head rest, and foot plate so you will always enjoy a comfortable ride no matter where life takes you. Find the Best Merits Wheelchairs here!


  • Dynamic Shark 60A/PG VR2 60 A Control System
  • 14” Foam Filled Tires
  • Up to 22” Seat Width and Depth
  • 9” Foam Filled Casters
  • Electromagnetic Braking System


  • BRAND: Merits
  • POWER :DC 24 V, 240W
  • Weight Capacity : 450 lbs
  • RANGE : 20 Miles


  • 4” Ground Clearance
  • 20 Mile Range at 5mph
  • Base Elevation up to 29”
  • Swiveling Base Seat
  • Variety of Customization Options
  • Only Available in Red
  • Sensitive Joystick

Life takes you to many different places and when you have the Jazzy 614 HD Power Chair supporting you along your way, you can ensure a trusted comfortable ride throughout the journey. The Jazzy 614 HD Power Chair is designed with ergonomic features on a truly stable platform for all bariatric patients.

No longer will you have to wonder if your chair can take on the landscape. The Jazzy 614 HD All Terrain Power Chair is fully integrated with Active Trac ATX Suspension for improved performance and maneuverability on most types of terrain. This specially designed chair ensures the rider simply feels supreme comfort and stability on any front. Stability is further enhanced by a 6 wheel configuration with two 14”large wheels in the center and 6 smaller 6” casters on the front and rear of the chair.

When an all terrain electric wheelchair is what you need, the Jazzy 614 HD Power Chair delivers beautifully and its compact, yet capable design is effectively used in both indoor areas as well as in the great outdoors. Usability is further enhanced by the Jazzy 614 HD Power Chair’s amazingly tight turning radius. Take a turn in as little as 22.75”, so tight spaces are no longer a problem for you.

Sacrifice nothing with this stylish, trusted, and versatile power chair. The Jazzy 614 HD All Terrain Power Chair is fully capable of effortlessly carrying 450 pounds on its 240 pound frame with a max speed of 4.25 mph.


  • 22.75 Turning Radius
  • Synergy Seating
  • ATX Suspension System
  • Intelligent Braking System
  • Dual Motor Drivetrain


  • BRAND: Pride Mobility
  • POWER :2 – 12 Volt Deep Cycle NF-22 Batteries
  • Weight Capacity : 450 lbs
  • RANGE : 11 Miles Per Charge


  • Solid, Stable Construction
  • Sleek, Modern Design
  • Classified for Heavy Duty Use
  • Deluxe Limited Reclining Seat
  • Slightly More Expensive Than Other Models

When you look at the FreeRider Apollo FreeRider, you do not see just another all terrain electric wheelchair, but a vehicle to take you anywhere you want to be. Its stylish design and maximum comfort features enable riders to easily glide across any surface with stability control that is unmatched by comparable machines. Best of all, the FreeRider Apollo FreeRider is classified as a budget friendly model, so no worries about an overpriced all terrain power wheelchair here.

The FreeRider Apollo Freerider was built for the outdoors and maximum mobility. With a 13.5” drive wheel and front wheel drive technology, tight turns are no problem for this impressive 4x4 power chair. Larger front wheel configuration allows the chair to climb hills and steep terrains without any difficulty and with a 21” turning radius, even when you are indoors, you will have no trouble moving about your space.

Independent suspension systems help you move about various terrains without impacting overall comfort while riding in the chair and with a full 16 mile range on full charge, you can use your chair longer between charges for ultimate convenience. The FreeRider Apollo FreeRider also features a full 3.62” ground clearance rating, so whether you are exploring your outdoor surroundings or just moving around your home, you will have ideal mobility.

Maximum affordability and a host of amazing features is built directly into every FreeRider Apollo All Terrain Power Chair. Users enjoy comfort, usability, and versatility at every turn.


  • Swivel Captain’s Chair
  • 6” Front and Rear Casters
  • Regenerative and Electromechanical Braking System
  • Mid-Wheel Drive System
  • Off Board 5A Charging


  • BRAND: FreeRider
  • POWER :U1 AGM Battery
  • Weight Capacity : 350 lbs
  • RANGE : 16 Miles


  • 21” Turning Radius
  • 3.6” Ground Clearance
  • Solid Tire Design
  • Customizable Modifications Available
  • Affordability at its Best
  • Does not Disassemble

Proper support and a comfortable ride is what you can expect from the EW-M51 All Terrain Electric Wheelchair. With a sleek, stylish design and 2 colors to choose from, you can enjoy being on the go in this impressive machine. 

Increased traction control enables the EW-M51 Wheelchair to become one of the best power wheelchairs for outdoor use by providing stability as you ride. Plus, with variable speed dialing and 31” turning radius, you can take this chair anywhere you want to be. Top speed for the EW-M51 All Terrain Electric Wheelchair is a full 5mph and with a dual motor rear wheel drive system in place and 14” tires, nowhere will be off limits for you. 

Distance is your friend with the EW-M51 All Terrain Electric Wheelchair as the chair can go up to 15 miles on a single charge and while riding, you will enjoy an enhancement of a larger, fully adjustable foot plate keeping your feet at the perfect level for ultimate enjoyment. These benefits make it one of the Top 10 Power Wheelchairs available.

The EW-M51 Electric Wheelchair is designed with a swivel captain’s chair and a swing away joystick that can be positioned on the left or right hand, so you can have the chair configuration that is ideal for your individual needs. In addition, the EW-M51 4x4 Power Chair comes with a sturdy lap belt to keep you safe and a variable speed dial system to help you control your speed. If a problem occurs while riding on your all terrain wheelchair, the self diagnostic warning lights will help diagnose the issue.


  • Large Rear Wheel Tires for Enhanced Mobility
  • Electro-Mechanical Brake System
  • 31” Turning Radius
  • 22” Swivel Captain Seat with Adjustable Features
  • Off Board 5A Battery Charger


  • BRAND: EWheels Medical
  • POWER :2 – 12 V 50 AH
  • Weight Capacity : 400 lbs
  • RANGE : 15 miles


  • 3.4” Ground Clearance
  • Anti-Tip Wheel and Leveling System
  • Fully Adjustable Footplate
  • Solid Flat Free Wheels
  • Only Available in Blue and Red Colors

Best Power Wheelchairs for Outdoor Use

Those suffering from joint and mobility problems either due to age or a debilitating illness or accident often find walking sticks, canes and manual wheelchairs far too demanding to use. In this case, to say that an outdoor power wheelchair for such folks is a blessing, would be a bit of an understatement.

Outdoor power chairs, driven by a compact electric motor and battery system and controlled by a small joystick, has been the norm for years now – helping the elderly and people with disabilities move around freely over a variety of outdoor terrain. Time and time again, they have proven to be an incredibly valuable investment, restoring people’s freedom and helping them preserve their wellbeing.

If you happen to be in the market for a high quality electric wheelchair for the outdoors, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. At Scooters ’N Chairs, we offer a comprehensive range of outdoor mobility electric chairs from signature US brands including Merits, Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility.

best electric wheelchairs for outdoor use

All Terrain Electric Wheelchairs – Why Buy One?

Buying an outdoor power chair for yourself or a loved one essentially means enhanced maneuverability and greater independence outdoors. Not only that, but also having the freedom to do everything that you love doing, all on your own.

The best power wheelchairs for outdoor use not only come handy when you’re traveling and don’t want to lose your freedom, but especially if you love exploring different places and prefer to travel by yourself, no matter what the terrain. The ample ground clearance means that you can effortlessly negotiation many kinds of outdoor surfaces without ever worrying about getting stuck, or your electric wheelchair not performing as intended.

An outdoor power chair can be a phenomenal upgrade from a manual wheelchair or an indoor power chair for that matter – the larger, rugged wheels and heavy-duty motor means you can travel at faster speeds and cover much longer travel distances, while also staying comfortable throughout your journey, thanks to a roomy ‘captain’s seat’, which many models offer as a standard feature.

However, we’re merely skimming the surface here as outdoor mobility electric chairs offer a plethora of benefits that any senior or someone with physical handicaps will certainly appreciate:

Greater degree of independence

Electric wheelchairs for the outdoors are a marvellous piece of engineering that have greatly helped seniors and people with disabilities enjoy a high degree of personal freedom and independence. As a result, they have become massively popular in this day and age, especially given the cutting-edge technology that continues to improve on an ongoing basis. Impressive travel distances, high performance over outdoor terrain and a complete set of accessories to make life even easier has made outdoor powerchairs a daily part of many folks’ lives.

Perhaps, one of the highest motivational factors that leads people to purchase outdoor power wheelchairs is the fact that they no longer have to rely on any ‘outside help’ to, say, go to the mall, visit a friend or even accompany the family on a trip to the beach. All Terrain electric wheelchairs can easily keep up with the needs and demands of those who love traveling outdoors with no assistance whatsoever.

The battery-assisted motor and other outdoor-specific features make them perfect for a variety of outdoor surfaces. Outdoor power wheelchairs also come in varying wheel configurations such as mid-wheel, front-wheel and rear-wheel powertrains, all of which can have an impact on how your electric wheelchair handles and performs outdoors, which we will discuss shortly.

The majority of outdoor power wheelchairs at Scooters ’N Chairs can cover a distance of anywhere between 9-32 miles, while reaching top speeds of 3.5-5 mph. Furthermore, depending on your requirements, we have electric wheelchairs for outdoors that can easily withstand anywhere between 250-600 lbs.

In addition, the all terrain electric wheelchairs we offer each have a reasonable amount of ground clearance, making them highly travel-efficient over all kinds of uneven and abrasive surfaces.

Unmatched comfort

Traditional or manual wheelchairs cannot even come close to matching the comfort and ergonomic design of outdoor electric wheelchairs. In fact, the ability to adjust the seating position alone has helped many seniors steer clear of back issues and other joint/mobility related problems. Powered outdoor wheelchairs also offer users a number of options to change postures while traveling – keeping them active and overall, healthier, since being stuck in the same position all day indefinitely means suffering from joint and postural problems.

This ability to adjust posture in an all terrain power wheelchair makes a very notable difference when it comes to achieving complete personal freedom – especially since enhanced seating stability through tilting and reclining can relieve a lot of undue pressure on the spine, neck, shoulders and hips – key areas where postural problems tend to occur with the onset of age.

Since many users need to stay seated in their all terrain power chairs for the majority of the day, the seating arrangement can be adjusted in a number of ways, such as varying seat widths between 20-24”, fully adjustable armrests and headrests, the ability to mount the joystick on the right or left, etc. Similarly, the soft, adjustable footrests provide plenty of comfort as well.

Optimal posture

Age can bring a number of physical limitations including muscular atrophy or dystrophy, spinal cord limitations and compromised range of motion, cerebral palsy, etc.

Fortunately, the gravity-aided positioning on outdoor electric wheelchairs can be invaluable when it comes to maintaining a neutral spine and performing everyday activities. And as such, people with aching joints and/or mobility issues as well as physical limitations can greatly improve their overall health while performing daily activities they love – all the while enjoying a desirable freedom of movement.

Earlier, we briefly discussed the importance of choosing powered wheelchairs over manual ones, when it comes to overcoming physical restrictions in the arms and hands – that traditional wheelchairs can cause major discomfort and even severe pain since you are required to continuously use upper body strength to move your chair. This can be the cause of many health problems in the long run.

With the best power wheelchairs for outdoor use, you’ve nothing to worry about – thanks to the ergonomic joystick which gives you full control at a fraction of the movement, along with a battery-powered motor which can take you several miles at a stretch. No longer do you have to exert laboriously just to get to your destination, and in fact, you can do so with great style and complete confidence.

We offer outdoor power wheelchairs for a broad range of users – from fairly ‘basic’ ones like the $1,999 Jazzy Passport by Pride Mobility (still a serious contender in its own right) to the mid-wheel driven $4,799 Compass Heavy-Duty Powerchair by Golden Technologies, a robust, all terrain electric wheelchair with all the bells and whistles, built to withstand all kinds of outdoor terrain.

Feature set

Another major benefit that outdoor power wheelchairs offer over traditional ones is the sheer number of features and accessories they offer. Most models are capable of housing larger bags and baskets, batteries and battery chargers, holders for your walker, cane, mug, mobile device and oxygen tank, etc. as well as canopies and covers that not only extend your electric wheelchair’s life but also keep you nice and comfortable during a rainy spell.

Elevated leg rests and larger chairs can help those suffering from edema, not to mention the ability to try more varied sitting positions, for the ultimate seating comfort.

Features and add-ons often improve the ergonomics of your outdoor electric wheelchair, giving you the ability to customize it according to your mobility needs and demands.

Outdoor traveling

Well, not to point out the obvious, but after all, people do invest in powered outdoor wheelchairs because of their ability to easily negotiate different types of outdoor terrain. The larger tires and unique wheel configurations mean that they cater very well to the outdoor traveling demands of each user.

For instance, front-wheel driven electric wheelchairs – that is, models having larger drive-wheels at the front with supporting casters at the rear – provide improved stability, especially where you need to travel over uneven and/or inclined surfaces.

Center-drive electric wheelchairs or those with the drive-wheels right at the center with smaller supporting wheels at the front and rear provide enhanced maneuverability, even as you negotiate rough terrain at your wheelchair’s top speed. They also offer very tight turning radiuses of 20-24” typically, although you might require extra support if you need to load them up for transportation.

With the drive-wheels at the back, you still get fantastic maneuverability and great acceleration too. However, some models have wider turning radiuses than mid-wheel and front-wheel electric wheelchairs – so they may not be the best suited ones, even though they are still suitable for tight or narrow indoor spaces. A major benefit of rear-wheel driven electric wheelchairs though is that they are very easy to get used to, as they handle a lot like a traditional car or scooter – the control feels natural without the need to oversteer in order to make sharp turns.

Most models feature a ground clearance of 3-4” or more, making them highly suitable for a range of uneven and abrasive outdoor terrain. For more on lightweight, travel wheelchairs, click here!

Save space and carry on public transport

Many outdoor power wheelchairs like the Pride Mobility Jazzy Passport are custom-designed for easy transportation – they can be easily folded and loaded into the back of a car or taken with you on a train, subway or bus. In fact, the Jazzy Passport has a depth and width of just 16 x 23.5” and a height of 31” when folded. The 25” turning radius means you can easily maneuver it while getting on the bus or other mode of public transport.

With so many space saving and public transportation benefits, it’s easy to see why seniors today are investing in great quality, all terrain electric wheelchairs for the outdoors and buying exclusively from Scooters ’N Chairs, as evidenced by all the positive customer reviews. 

Traverse Long Distances With Ease in the Best Power Wheelchairs for Outdoor Use

Folks who want to travel long distances are often held back because they haven’t upgraded to an electric outdoor wheelchair – which offer very impressive travel distances after a single battery charge.

Even the entry-level outdoor power wheelchairs we offer are capable of travelling anywhere between 11-25 miles, while having the ability to easily support up to 450 lbs. On the higher end spectrum, we offer outdoor mobility wheelchairs that are capable of covering an astonishing 35 miles while maintaining a top speed of 5 mph.

And throughout your journey, you can tilt and recline your seat as you like, while interacting with your mobile device or sipping on a refreshing can of soda. The ability to carry battery chargers and larger batteries with you means you can effectively extend the total travel distance by a few extra miles.

In some cases, your all terrain power wheelchair’s advanced and independent suspension for each wheel and more than adequate ground clearance means you can easily hit the intended top speed, and never worry about losing control or getting bogged down due to uneven terrain.

Difficult terrain and inclined surfaces

We’re willing to bet that the majority of your electric wheelchair use is going to be outdoors, since you now have the freedom to move about wherever you want, and on your own terms too. The larger tires and more powerful motors that our top-of-the line models priced between $2,500 and $4,800 feature, mean that you can venture over virtually any terrain – be it a dirt trail, a rocky backroad, grass, gravel, abrasive or uneven tarmac, etc.

These outdoor power wheelchairs have suspensions that can easily absorb every bump effortlessly. In fact, many of the models that are featured under this category have enough torque and drive to let you go over 10° inclined surfaces.

Furthermore, with ground clearance ranging between 3-5”, you’ll never have to worry about your all terrain wheelchair getting stuck outdoors or slowing down as a result of the chassis scraping against uneven terrain.

Choosing an Electric Wheelchair for All Terrain, Outdoor Use That’s Right for You

When it comes to hand picking an outdoor power wheelchair that meets your individual criteria, the sheer number of information available online can be overwhelming and, at times, even a little intimidating.

However, by narrowing it all down to certain factors, you can better decide on the best electric wheelchair for outdoors.

For instance, maximum weight capacity, dimensions, portability, travel distance, etc. are just some of the factors you should take into account when buying your outdoor mobility wheelchair.

Therefore, the kind of use you expect to get out of your specific model will largely play a deciding factor in your purchase. To make it all easy, we offer a detailed specifications sheet for each model to help you run some comparisons and how the features might be beneficial for the intended application.

If you have any questions at all about picking the right electric outdoor wheelchair for yourself or a loved one, our friendly customer support team is only a click away.

Why buy your Outdoor Electric Wheelchairs with at Scooters 'N Chairs?

Here at Scooter 'N Chairs, we aren't a mindless, soulless company, we care about each customer and each purchase.

We are here to assist you with the most personalized, patient and friendly team on the market, who find no question too trivial and will personally research any questions or queries you might have, until you are totally comfortable you have found the perfect All Terrain Electric Wheelchairs to purchase. For any questions about our top-of-the-line elevating seat electric wheelchairs, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team. We are available by phone, livechat, email - these details can be found on our contact us page linked above.

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