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View The 10 Best Electric Wheelchairs For 2022!

View The 10 Best  Electric Wheelchairs For 2022!

Top Seller
Drive Titan AXS Mid-Wheel Drive Powerchair
Drive Titan AXS Mid-Wheel Drive Powerchair
Top Seller
Merits Health Atlantis Heavy Duty Power Chair
Merits Health Atlantis Heavy Duty Motorized Chair
Top Seller
Merits Vision Super Heavy Duty Power Chair
Merits Vision Super Heavy Duty Power Chair

Introduction to The Best Electric Wheelchairs

Those suffering from joint and mobility problems either due to age or a debilitating illness or accident often find walking sticks, canes and manual wheelchairs far too demanding to use. In this case, to say that an outdoor power wheelchair for such folks is a blessing, would be a bit of an understatement.

The Best Electric Wheelchairs are driven by a compact electric motor and battery system, all controlled by a small joystick. Helping the elderly and people with disabilities move around freely over a variety of outdoor terrain. Time and time again, they have proven to be an incredibly valuable investment, restoring people’s freedom and helping them preserve their wellbeing.

If you happen to be in the market for a high quality power wheelchair for the outdoors, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. At Scooters ’N Chairs, we offer a comprehensive range of outdoor mobility electric chairs from signature US brands including Merits, Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility.

Sizing up the Titan AXS’s 19-mile driving range, robust build, and 300-pound weight capacity, customers may expect this heavy duty model by Drive Medical to lack maneuverability. However, an impressive turning radius of 20 inches allows this power wheelchair to make sharp turns and even to navigate small spaces.

The Titan AXS’s adjustable settings for seat height, width, and depth ensure total comfort for long periods of time. Additional features include a programmable controller with Bluetooth technology, a positioning belt, and interchangeable red and blue panels that let you switch up your style whenever you please.


  • flat free tires
  • best in class turning radius
  • variety of captain's seats available in 16" – 22"
  • Programmable controller with Bluetooth electronics
  • Easy freewheel operation


  • BRAND: Drive Medical
  • WEIGHT: 87 lbs
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 450 lbs
  • RANGE:19 Miles


  • Bluetooth Controller
  • amazing turning radius
  • Captain's seat swivels
  • Flip-up footplate with height, depth and angle adjustment
  • a bit difficult to store

The Atlantis Heavy Duty Power Chair by Merits Health is a prime choice for larger-sized individuals seeking to regain indoor and outdoor freedom. This model has a weight capacity of 600 pounds, as well as an extra-large captain’s seat that accommodates many different body types.

Inclines of up to ten degrees are no match for this electric wheelchair’s heavy duty motors and 12-inch drive wheels. As a result, the Atlantis can drive safely up most ramps, driveways, and sidewalks. Factor in an exceptional driving range of 32 miles, and you’re ready to go wherever your adventures may take you.


  • very responsive breaking
  • 30-35" Turning Radius
  • good for uneven terrain
  • big tires
  • adjustable back and arm rests


  • BRAND: Merits Health
  • WEIGHT: 304 lbs
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 600 lbs
  • RANGE: 32 Miles


  • High Weight Capacity
  • long range
  • up to 10" uphill ramps
  • extra wide seat
  • on the heavier side

Merits' Vision Super Heavy Duty Power Chair offers larger customers excellent maneuverability with a turning radius of only 20.7 inches, making it one of the best electric wheelchairs on the market. This model has a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds, as well as 12-inch drive wheels, dual in-line motors, and full front and rear suspension. An optional seat elevator gives the rider up to ten inches of additional height, although selecting this feature will reduce the maximum weight supported. Click here to learn more about Merits Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters!


  • Real mid-wheel-drive design for tight space maneuverability
  • All back-contoured seat
  • Full front and rear suspension
  • Dual in-line motors for enhanced efficiency, torque, range and performance
  • 2 full-length arms


  • BRAND: Merits Health
  • WEIGHT: 121 lbs
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: up to 450lbs
  • RANGE: 20 Miles


  • light weight
  • mid wheel drive (for better turning)
  • 3 different armrest options
  • knobby tires
  • not foldable

There are many factors that make Pride Mobility’s Go Chair a top seller among active individuals. The manufacturer has revamped this popular model with a lighter-weight design, a reduced turning radius of 25.5 inches, larger 18-amp batteries and a host of adjustable features.

This power wheelchair has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, drives 8.7 miles on a full battery, and reaches a speed of 3.7 mph. It can also be disassembled and carried with ease, as its heaviest part is only 36 pounds. Other benefits of the Go Chair include flip-back armrests, two under-seat storage compartments, a 60-inch lap belt, and six bold color options.


  • light weight
  • reduced turning radius of 25.5"
  • disassembled with ease
  • two under-seat storage compartments
  • overall best-seller


  • BRAND: Pride Mobility
  • WEIGHT: 121 lbs
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 300 lbs
  • RANGE: 8.7 Miles


  • lightweight
  • small turning radius
  • easy to transport
  • best-seller
  • not made for longer rides

The sky’s the limit for you or your loved one in Pride Mobility’s Jazzy Air 2. Building on the success of the innovative Jazzy Air, this model features an elevating seat that rises twelve inches in just eleven seconds. You can even move up and down while driving; just use the Air switch or VR2 joystick to achieve the right height as you go.

The Jazzy Air 2’s adjustable headrest, footplate, and armrests keep you comfortable at any level, while Active-Trac suspension increases stability on uneven ground. Pride Mobility offers an upgrade to a 40AH battery, which boosts the Jazzy Air 2’s driving range from 16.8 miles to 19.2 miles. Explore the Best Elevating Seat Power Chairs!


  • Bright LED lighting for visibility in all environments
  • Stability-enhancing Active-Trac suspension
  • Single-sided caster forks for enhanced maneuverability
  • High-back or solid seat pan, reclining sport seat
  • Newly re-designed lift features


  • BRAND: Pride Mobility
  • MAX.SPEED: 4 mph
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 300 lbs
  • RANGE: 16.8 - 19.2 Miles


  • rises 12 inches in just 11 seconds
  • move up and down while driving
  • excellent suspension
  • upgradeable battery for a longer range
  • a bit expensive

Adjustable measurements for seat width and depth, as well as multiple leg rest options (footplate, elevating or swing away), allow for a fully customized fit. As one of the best electric wheelchairs, this model optimizes long-term performance with regenerative suspension, durable upholstery and a shroud that protects the device from wear and tear. The Jazzy Air 2 has an operating range of 9.8 miles and a maximum speed of 4 mph.


  • Comfortable, depth-adjustable, limited recline high-back seat with headrest
  • Intuitive controller is easy to operate
  • 14" knobby tires and optimum weight distribution provide superior traction
  • Easy rear access to batteries
  • Front-wheel drive design for excellent maneuverability


  • BRAND: Pride Mobility
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 450 lbs
  • RANGE: 9.8 Miles


  • excellent for heavy duty usage
  • rugged design
  • two motor construction
  • outdoor capable
  • made by one of the best electric wheelchair manufacturers
  • shorter range due to stronger motors

Maintaining your independence is important to you and with the Merits Compact 2in1 Dualer with Elevating Seat, you can keep your independence while still maintaining optimal mobility. This fantastic model is of the best electric wheelchairs that Merits has ever made. It is designed to provide support, comfort, and versatility at its best with incredible features that you cannot find with your average mobility chair, which is what makes this one of the 10 Best Electric Wheelchairs in 2022.

The Merits Compact 2-in-1 Dualer with Elevating Seat is the ideal solution for anyone who wants a choice in how they ride. This unique design features a rotatable seat that allows you to effortlessly switch from front wheel drive to rear wheel drive depending on the conditions you are in and how much power you require for the journey and with two convenient foot rests, both positions help you maintain total comfort.

Narrow spaces are not a problem for the Merits Compact 2-in-1 Dualer with Elevating Seat. The entire chair maintains an extremely small 24” width and 37.5” length with a miniscule, 22” turning radius, so going through small hallways or tight spaces in your home is never an issue. The Merits Compact 2-in-1 Dualer with Elevating Seat is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use with heavy duty 8” casters and 10” driving wheels, all foam filled for maximum durability and use on uneven and rough surfaces. This mobility scooter can take you anywhere you need to go with ease.


  • Rear or Front Wheel Drive Capabilities
  • Low 22” Seat Height
  • Power Seat Elevation
  • Foot Rests for Both Driving Modes
  • Easy to Use Straight Joystick


  • BRAND: Merits
  • POWER:  DC 24V 180W
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY:  300 lbs
  • RANGE: Up to 18 Miles


  • Integral Dynamic DL Programmable Controller
  • 12 Degree Gradient Rating
  • 5 mph Max Speed Capabilities
  • Up to 21” Seat Width, 16” Depth
  • Manufactured by one of the Best Electric Wheel Chair Brands
  • 211 lbs. Total Weight

It is time to take back your mobility once and for all with the Merits EZ-Go/EZ-Go Deluxe Compact Power Chair. This compact and easy to use model maintains an affordable price and is ideal for those looking for an easy to use mobility chair for traveling or as a secondary mobility option.

With the Merits EZ-Go/EZ-Go Deluxe Compact Power Chair, riders remain comfortable with exceptional padding and vinyl seating to make even the longest of journeys more enjoyable. The Merits EZ-Go/EZ-Go Deluxe Compact Power Chair maintains an optimal ground clearance of up to 2.25”, so it can be used for both indoor and outdoor with ease and is able to be used on gradients of up to 6 degrees.

The Merits EZ-Go/EZ-Go Deluxe Compact Power Chair maintains 4 solid wheels for maximum stability with 2 – 8” driving wheels and a choice of either 2 – 6” caster or 2 – 7” casters. With both a deluxe and standard Merits EZ-Go/EZ-Go Deluxe Compact Power Chair options to choose from, you can find the most viable chair for how you want to ride.

The Merits EZ-Go/EZ-Go Deluxe Compact Power Chair has been designed to enhance not only mobility, but comfort during the ride with an adjustable foot rest. The foot rest can be adjusted up to 17” so you can have the right space for your needs on every ride. The Merits EZ-Go/EZ-Go Deluxe Compact Power Chair has been designed with every rider in mind.


  • Wireless Connector
  • Compact Design for Easy Movement
  • Variety of Colors to Choose From
  • Easy to Store and Disassemble
  • Left and Right Joystick Mount Options


  • BRAND: Merits
  • POWER:  DC24V 90W
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY:  300 lbs
  • RANGE: Up to 12 Miles


  • Lightweight Design
  • Comfortable, Adjustable Seating
  • An Array of Color Choices
  • Affordable
  • No Adjustable Head Rest

A standard mobility scooter can feel limiting and when you require a heavy duty model to get you where you need to be, the Merits Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair is certainly not standard. As one of the best electric wheelchairs on the market, it comes with a robust, versatile frame that offers maximum comfort, support, and mobility at its best. For the mobility challenged individual that requires more from their wheelchair than just a way to get from one place to another, the Merits Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair delivers.

The heavy duty design of the Merits Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair is not merely limited to its high intensity metal framing, but the wheels as well. This wheelchair will allow you to go anywhere you want to go with ease whether that is indoor or in the great outdoors with the help from 2 – 12.5” driving wheels and 2 – 8” or 9” casters, depending on the model chose. A stable, strong wheel system combines with an intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic braking system to keep you on the go and safe at all times.

When it is time to put the Merits Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair away for the evening or for storage in a vehicle, it easily folds to a size of a mere 14” and the addition of the chair’s folding battery tray, the Merits Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair can be stored away easily and will be available for your next adventure. All of the reasons stated above are why we believe this is one of the best electric wheelchairs on the market today! 


  • Programmable Controls
  • Foam Filled Wheels
  • Foldable Battery Tray
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Auxiliary Braking Feature


  • BRAND: Merits
  • POWER:  DC 24V up to 400 W
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY:  450 lbs
  • RANGE: Up to 25 Miles
  • TURNING RADIUS: 25” to 37”


  • Heavy Duty Design
  • Cushion Upgrades Available
  • 5A Off Board Charger
  • 21” Seat Height
  • Only 1 Color Option

Optimal mobility is within your path when you trust the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe with 12” Rear Wheels to get you where you need to go. This mobility chair is designed for heavy duty use and comes in an available 3 seat widths to choose from. The best mobility chairs offer plenty of options and the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe delivers on all the options you need for amazing mobility and comfort on all your journeys.

The first model in the 3 model options for the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe with 12” Rear Wheels is the regular, DX12. This model features a small, but still dependable design and provides the quickest folding capabilities of all 3 models.

The second mode is the Deluxe Slim or SX12. This amazing EZ Lite Cruiser comes with a slightly wider frame, but is still able to move effortlessly through doors and passageways within your home and other tight spaces.

For those looking for the most heavy duty and robust design in the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe lineup, the Deluxe Wide or WX12 model is ideal. This larger model offers increased stability and can be the best electric wheelchair for those who require mobility assistance outdoors.

All three specialized models of the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe with 12” Rear Wheels feature a 5 position reclining seat and a lightweight frame for optimal comfort and portability at all times.


  • Foldable Design
  • 3 Models to Choose From
  • 3 Pieces to Assemble
  • Backrest Reclines to 5 Positions
  • Lightweight, Portable Design


  • BRAND: EZ Lite Cruiser
  • POWER:  250 W High Efficiency Brushless Hub Motor
  • RANGE: Up to 15 Miles


  • Heavy Duty Framing
  • Fold to 34”X26.75”X14” Max
  • Foam Contoured Seat
  • 12 Degree Incline Capabilities
  • Limited Color Choices

Why you should consider buying an electric wheelchair in 2022?

There are many benefits to purchasing an electric wheelchair which is why we wrote an updated electric wheelchairs buying guide for 2022. Here are the main reasons that can improve your life for 2022 which will conclude with our 15 Best Electric Wheelchairs To Buy in 2022

a. Comfort

Like mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs give you the ability to get around. They also provide enhanced ease of use and comfort. Many options offer you flexibility in adjusting the height, tilt, reclining, leg space and other settings. This helps keep you comfortable for long stretches of time. If you have upper body mobility issues, you’ll be able to relax your arms and decrease exertion by controlling your electric wheelchair with a joystick.

electric wheelchair

b. Ability to maneuver tight spaces

Perfect for indoor use, electric wheelchairs offer you a tight turning radius (as little as 20 inches) which makes it easier for you to steer with precision. If you live in a small apartment, enjoy going out to crowded restaurants or often traverse narrow hallways, among other cramped spaces, an electric wheelchair is a great choice for you.

electric wheelchair

c. Relatively easy to take on public transportation

Boarding a bus, train and other kinds of public transportation in an electric wheelchair is often more convenient than a mobility scooter. And electric wheelchairs provide 4-point tie-downs for safe, reliable transportation in a moving vehicle, which offsets their reduced portability in other areas. Check out this Guide on Folding Electric Wheelchairs!

electric wheelchair

d. Often covered by insurance

If your doctor deems the equipment necessary for your physical needs, chances are your electric wheelchairs will be covered by insurance. Medicaid covers most electric wheelchairs at 80% with a 20% copay. Manual wheelchairs are covered in full.

electric wheelchair

The bottom line is that you deserve the freedom that comes with owning one of the best electric wheelchairs. There are enough options on the market today that you can pick one with a design and functionality that feels tailor-made to your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Purchasing an electric wheelchair has never been more empowering – or more simple! With thoughtful guidance, it can also be a virtually stress-free process. If your goals for the new year of 2022 include increased mobility and independence for yourself or a loved one, now is the perfect time to shop for an electric wheelchair. The number of high-quality power wheelchairs on the market has skyrocketed over the past several years, driven by a growing demand and the development of new technologies.

best electric wheelchairs infographic

Will Medicare Pay for a Power Wheelchair?

Yes, Medicare covers wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and walkers. They list these items under ‘Durable Medical Equipment’ or ‘DME’. When will medicare cover DME? There are several circumstances in which Medicare will pay for your power wheelchair. These circumstances include:,

  1. Your doctor submitting a written request to Medicare on your behalf. Your doctor should state that you have a medical or mobility issue that requires a power wheelchair.
  2. You meet several conditions regarding lack of mobility, such as: being unable to do regular day-to-day activities like dressing, bathing, using the bathroom, or getting in and out of bed without using a mobility aid.
  3. You know how to operate the power wheelchair in a safe manner. If you do not already know, Medicare will help you find someone who can teach you how to properly operate your electric wheelchair.
  4. You will likely qualify if you are unable to use a manual wheelchair or mobility scooter due to lack or mobility or strength.

Before Medicare grants you with a Power Wheelchair, you will need to book a consultation with your doctor. They will assess your situation and teach you how to operate the power chair in a safe matter.

Why buy your electric wheelchair with power elevating seat at Scooters 'N Chairs?

Here at Scooter 'N Chairs, we aren't a mindless, soulless company, we care about each customer and each purchase.

We are here to assist you with the most personalized, patient and friendly team on the market, who find no question too trivial and will personally research any questions or queries you might have, until you are totally comfortable you have found the perfect electric wheelchair to purchase. For any questions about our top-of-the-line elevating seat electric wheelchairs, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team. We are available by phone, livechat, email - these details can be found on our contact us page linked above.

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