What Are The Best Disability Products for Seniors?

Posted by Scott Zabriskie on 10th Aug 2023

What Are The Best Disability Products for Seniors?

What Are The Best Disability Products for Seniors?

senior citizen on mobility scooter

There is an extensive range of mobility aids available for disabled seniors and seniors with mobility issues. Devices include power wheelchairs, mobility scooters, rollators, to name a few. There are a huge range of options available, so it can be tricky to find the device best suited to your mobility needs. Don't fret. Scooters' N Chairs has stocked an incredible range of the best mobility products for seniors. Keep reading to discover which is right for you.

Disability Wheelchairs for Seniors

It is natural for everything to age. Everything, including our bones and muscles, ages. The impairments, like immobility, which comes with aging, can pose a lifestyle issue. Refuse to be held back on account of immobility. You have options that will keep you active.

There are disability wheelchairs that allow you to regain your mobility. A standard piece of equipment is the wheelchair. They enable individuals to move from one place to another successfully. If you are going the traditional route, it will still require a level of dependence. But, there are more modern chairs available. Powered wheelchairs will allow you to move around independently.

Different types of Disability Wheelchairs include:

  • Heavy Duty Wheelchairs: The heavy-duty wheelchairs are strongly built and much more accommodating to heavier individuals.
  • Folding Wheelchairs: This is a much more portable option. The lightweight, foldable nature allows you to pack it up effortlessly and put it in the trunk of your car.
  • Ultralight Wheelchairs: They are incredibly lightweight, weighing around 10 pounds. Could you imagine snapping it shut and popping it in the trunk with minimal effort?

Wheelchairs are a great way to get you active again. They will restore your independence, whether it's household chores or shopping in the market. The perfect thing is that there are so many to choose from, making it easier to fit your needs better.

Disability Mobility Scooters For Seniors

Like motorized wheelchairs, disability mobility scooters are battery-powered. They are great for covering longer distances and taking on tough terrain. Their ease in maneuverability is so graceful and accommodating. It is just like a small car, only you can drive it inside!

Mobility scooters for seniors can be used inside the home, making daily chores and tasks much easier. Or, you can use them outside for all lifestyle purposes: shopping, the park, and even vacation. The mobility scooters on the market can range from a basic scooter up to a luxury cabin scooter, highly reminiscent of today’s smart car. Their high-quality features include light settings and blinkers, which gives you a higher level of safety when driving. Depending on your choice of powered wheelchair or mobility scooter battery power and time between charges will vary.

Different types of Disability Mobility Scooters include:

Comfortable: If you plan on spending a long time sitting in your Senior Mobility Scooter, you want to find the comfiest model. Look at adding a gel cushion seat or rain canopy for extra comfort.

Full-size: Fall in love with your home all over again. The heavy-duty scooter packs the punch to help you charge up hills or carry heavier loads.

All-Terrain: Go offroad with your Senior Mobility Scooter, and experience all terrains, paved and unpaved paths, and bumpy roads.

3-Wheels: If you are keen on motorcycles and their agility, the three-wheeled scooter will interest you. It's capable of safer, sharper turns and offers a smooth drive.

4-Wheels: It provides stability, with a low probability of losing your balance.

Take control of your mobility without dependence on public transportation or other people with one of these mobility scooters today!

Are Power Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters Safe for Seniors?

It’s crucial to remember that operating a power wheelchair or senior citizen scooter can have its dangers. However, if these elderly scooters and wheelchairs are driven with caution, these devices are an extremely safe way for senior citizens to travel. We have compiled a few tips to keep you or your loved one safe when using a power wheelchair or elderly scooter.

1. Drive on the Sidewalk

It is much safer for senior citizens to ride their wheelchair or elderly scooters on the sidewalk or footpath. It is far riskier to try and drive a long a busy road with heavier vehicles. While it is not always possible to drive your wheelchair or senior citizen scooter on a sidewalk, it greatly minimizes your risk of danger when doing so. For more information about driving your scooter on the road, give this a read.

2. Ensure You Have a Working Horn or Bell

When you are searching for Disability Products for Sale for senior citizens, you need to ensure the product has a horn or bell. This allows you to safely share the sidewalks with pedestrians and can be vital in avoiding accidents. Most scooters for elderly people and electric wheelchairs come pre-fitted with horns. If your disability product does not have one, get in touch with Scooters 'N Chairs and we can help you find one.

3. Take It Slow & Steady

Driving a mobility scooter for seniors or an electric wheelchair is not a race. Going to fast in these devices can result in accident and injury, so just take your time. If you are new to driving an elderly scooter or wheelchair, start slow and build up to a speed you feel comfortable with.

Disability Products for Sale at Scooters' N Chairs

It is understandable the mental and physical stress that comes along with impaired mobility. The comforting notion is, immobility does not have to be an end to your story. Mobility devices are great for restoring not only mobility but lost confidence as well.

Scooters' N Chairs offers a wide range of mobility aids and devices that can help with immobility. Feel secure in your ability to move around. One of our mobility scooter experts can guide you through the process of finding your best fit.

A few of our most popular selections are:

Drive Phoenix 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Elderly Scooter

senior citizen mobility scooter drive medical

This 4-Wheel heavy-duty scooter offers support and balances on all terrains, even and uneven paths. It has a ground clearance of 3.75" with a driving range of 15 miles. This scooter has the highest weight capacity and easy portability of 350 lb. The user can dismantle the scooter to load it in a truck or car without taking up much space. It comes with 'finger-pull" technology so that the user can drive it with complete ease. This heavy-duty elderly scooter has a maximum speed of 4.00 mph and a turning radius of 54".

Drive ZooMe Auto-Flex Folding Scooter for Elderly

drive zoome auto flex mobility scooter for elderly citizens

If you are looking for portability, this scooter for elderly people is just right for you. The ZooMe Auto-Flex Folding Scooter is space-conscious, keeping in mind travel and portability. Its heaviest piece is only 55lbs. This scooter can automatically fold and unfold in just 15 seconds with the press of a button. This mobility scooter offers both safety and comfort.

The padded scooter seat gives the user the most comfortable ride, and it is a 4-Wheel scooter that provides added balance and support. The scooter for elderly people has a maximum speed of 4 miles and has a driving range of 13 miles. It also has a feature of an electromagnetic braking system that ensures the safety of the rider.

Jazzy Zero Turn 8

jazzy zero turn 8 mobility scooter for senior citizens

It is a 4-Wheeled Mobility Scooters for Seniors that feels like a 3-Wheeled scooter. The scooter offers safer sharp turns and U-turns without tumbling because of the exclusive iTurn technology. The scooter also comes with two baskets under the seat to keep your belongings secure. It also comes with a USB charger so that you can charge your devices, such as your mobile phone. The scooter has a maximum drive range of 13.1 miles.

Pride Revo 2.0 Four-Wheeled Scooter for Elderly

pride revo mobility scooter for senior citizens

This mobility scooter is heavy-duty for unpaved terrains. It comes in both three and four-wheeled options. The user can dismantle the scooter into four pieces to be able to store it or move it. The scooter has a shock-absorbing system that keeps you comfortable even on bumpy terrain. The Pride Revo has many features such as storage, USB port, charging devices like mobile phones, extra legroom. The scooter comes in blue and grey body colors.

EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe 12" Rear Wheels

safe mobility scooter for senior citizen with big tyres

The EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe with 12' rear wheels is a well-thought-out and planned product. It was curated to provide immense comfort to the user. The chair is fit-out with 7.5" front wheels and 12" rear wheels. It can fold and unfold in one second. This wheelchair is for indoors and narrow pathways so that the user can quickly move. It has an arm-rest that is more than 2" comprehensive, and the back support reclines in 5 different positions to offer maximum comfort. The user can dismantle the chair into three pieces so that they can easily carry the wheelchair.

Merits Pioneer 1

The design is compact so that the user can disassemble it to carry it around places. It is best for both outdoors and indoors and is available in red and blue.

Geo Cruiser Elite EX Lightweight Foldable Power Chair

This chair is FDA-approved, lightweight, and foldable. It is a power chair providing more independence over mobility. You can disassemble the chair in the nick of time. The user can load the chair in the trunk of most vehicles. Most importantly, it can give a 15 miles ride in just one charge.

Drive Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair

If you are new to power wheelchairs, this one is just right for you. It is inexpensive and has all the right features for a new person. This wheelchair is known for its durability and mobility. The user can fold the chair to carry it around with ease and convenience. It is the number one choice for a smooth and safe ride. It is the upgrade that every manual wheelchair user needs.

When in the market for your new mobility scooter for elderly people, be sure to keep your needs at the forefront. Will your scooter be used outdoors or strictly inside? How long of a range would you need to travel on a daily average? The battery style affects the lifespan of a single charge. Understanding your needs will contribute to making your process easy and that much more effective.

There are many designs available on our site just for you. Scooter' N Chairs ensure that your immobility does not have to impede on your freedom and your comfort. We have a massive variety of wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters for Seniors capable of fitting your needs. Enhancing your quality of life is our primary factor.