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Mobility Scooters

We sell mobility scooters that are the perfect solution for people needing both indoor and outdoor mobility, with extra stability on all kinds of terrain.

These range from very compact, lightweight travel scooters, to those that will give you a blast of a time on country trails and paths. We know it’s a difficult task to find the right handicap scooter to buy on the internet & that’s why we are here to help you make the right decision for you or your family member.

Remember, mobility scooters have a deck area where the user places their feet, and are steered by a tiller in front of the user’s legs.

If you want a device that is steered by a joystick, check out our instead of disability scooters the electric wheelchair selection instead.

When you buy online with us, you know we are here to help you every step of the way, understand your concerns and not rest until you are completely satisfied. Call us on 1-800-674-8395 to get your disability scooter today!

Mobility Scooters

$1,929.20 $949.00

Drive Medical: (Spitfire) Scout EX Compact Travel Power Scooter, 4 Wheel, Extended Battery - SFSCOUT4-EXT

$3,199.00 $2,249.00

E-Wheels: EW-36 Scooter

$1,820.00 $849.00

Drive Medical: (Spitfire) Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter, 4 Wheel - SFSCOUT4

$3,799.00 $2,949.00

E-Wheels: EW-72 Scooter

$2,999.00 $2,499.00

Drive Medical: ZooMe Auto Flex Folding Scooter - FLEX-AUTO

$1,765.50 $829.00

Drive Medical: Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter, 3 Wheel - SFSCOUT3

$4,500.00 $2,995.00

Afikim: Afiscooter C 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter - C4

$2,730.00 $1,349.00

Drive Medical: Phoenix 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter - PHOENIXHD4

$2,819.00 $1,969.00

Pride Mobility: Victory 10 4-Wheel Scooter - SC710

$1,259.00 $979.00

Pride Mobility: Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel - SC40X

$3,299.00 $2,299.00

Pride Mobility: Raptor (Black) 3-Wheel

$6,304.00 $4,740.00

Afikim: Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Recreational Mobility Scooter - S4 Breeze

$1,489.00 $1,379.00

Pride Mobility: Go-Go Elite Plus Traveler 4 Wheel Scooter - SC54


EV Rider: Transport AF+ Automatic Folding Mobility Scooter - S19AF